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Life-changing. Therapeutic. Transformative. These—and more— are some ways people describe a visit to Canyon Ranch. Here’s the truth: Life has become so hectic and frenzied that many people find it crucial to squeeze an occasional escape to a wellness resort. Of course, the purpose is usually to recharge and unwind—before resuming the regular whirlwind of motion—and the humdrum of life.

For those who can afford it, there’s just no excuse. A trip to Canyon Ranch can turbocharge one’s life forces and put a person on a glowing path to health and wellbeing. In this article, we discuss the full range of services that Canyon Ranch offers to its guests. But first, how did Canyon Ranch come to be among the most famous all-inclusive health resorts in the United States?


A Brief History Of Canyon Ranch

When his father died of cancer as a result of smoking, Mel Zukerman’s pain was tinged with real fear. Overweight and therefore out of shape, he was terrified that he would soon share his father's fate. That was 1977. As the sun set on that fateful year, he made a New Year's Resolution. He was determined to lose at least twenty pounds by eating healthily. Two months later, he had instead gained four. His feeble desire couldn’t cut through the hard oak of habit. What to do?

He checked himself into a California-based spa. Away from home, Zukerman finally managed to eat right and exercise regularly for ten successive days. Quite a short period—one might argue. But in the end, he could feel an incredible change in his body. That’s what mattered. From his own experience, the Zukerman couple now saw a business opportunity. They set out to establish a vacation fitness resort. The first property they would inspect—the Double U Ranch in Tucson Arizona—would instantly end their search. According to Zukerman, there was something about the “energy of the place.” However, after operating for one year, they were about to throw up their hands. The idea of a wellness center had not caught on. Back in the day, similar facilities offered rudimentary weight-loss services. The Zukerman's would do it differently. They involved professional dietitians, as well as experts in stress management and physical exercise. This caught the attention of Time Magazine which in 1982 featured Canyon Ranch as America’s “first vacation fitness resort.” It was a turning point. Today, there’s a wellness resort at Lenox, Massachusetts, and a retreat at Woodside California. There’s also a spa and fitness center in Las Vegas—among other places.

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Services At Tucson Canyon Ranch

Services at the Tucson Canyon Ranch are categorized into five groups. The first is Spa & Beauty. The second category is Fitness and Movement. There’s also Nutrition and Food—as well as Health and Performance. The final service category is that of Mind & Spirit. Each category in turn has numerous other sub-categories. In the Spa & Beauty Category, there are 99 services spread out among 12 sub-categories. These services include skin products as well as consultation with professionals. Some of these are intended to improve skin texture, tone, density, and grip.

There are also facials that restore a youthful, glowing face—including eyebrows and eyelashes. Hair Care services include not just routine hair cuts but also products that enhance the depth and tone of hair color. Others include various forms of pedicure treatments, several body-energizing, detoxifying, and relaxation techniques, training on the use of make-up, and a number of full-body massage procedures including ayurvedic and Thai massage. There’s also reflexology, guided meditation, aromatherapy, energy-healing techniques like reiki, handwriting analysis, and other astrological procedures that help provide clarity and insights into an individual's personal life.

In the category of fitness movements, Canyon Ranch offers 40 services. These include exercises of the glutes, training on posture and mindfulness, yoga and breathing exercises, Tai Chi—and several other work-outs—carefully designed to improve vitality and general wellbeing. There’s also wall-climbing, archaeological adventures around the Tucson valley, night-vision exercises, professional and amateur archery, photography training as well as hiking, biking, and racquet sports (tennis and pickleball). Nutrition and Food Category has 12 services including individualized meal plans, digestive wellness, advice on quick but nutritious meals, advice on healing foods, bespoke weight-loss plans—as well as cooking lessons.

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Other Services Provided At Tucson Canyon Ranch

There are 30 services in the Health and Performance Category including sports medicine, alternative medicine (acupuncture, sound-healing techniques, and professional Chinese herbal medicine consultation), as well as health &performance coaching. Others include studies and tests on the lungs, sleep screening, Ultrasound procedures to evaluate how the blood flows in the body, assessing bone mineral density—and subsequent advice on a personalized bone-fitness program. Of course, there are also many standard lab tests like the ones performed in a conventional hospital as well as medical consultations.

Lastly, Canyon Ranch offers 20 services under the Mind and Spirit Category. These include mental health and wellness services like hypnosis. Others include professional advice on how to manage stress and establish healthy habits. Aside from mental health, Canyon Ranch also offers spiritual wellness services like advice on body-spirit connection, Crystal Sound Activation, and spiritual guidance. They also offer advice on how to survive trauma, personal loss, or grief. Lastly, Canyon Ranch offers advice on how to cultivate a life of meaning and purpose.

That’s it. While there are famous resorts all over the globe where one can relax and de-stress, Canyon Ranch offers much more than a typical wellness resort. That’s the reason it’s America’s best.