A city in Stafford County, Dover is a thriving city for people of all ages. With its offerings in cultural diversity, science, culinary excellence, the creative realm of art and various festivals, lush nature, commercial spaces, wildlife preserves, boutiques, and museums, it is home to many young professionals. Being the largest city in the seacoast region and along the Cochecho River, it is located 10 miles solely from Portsmouth. So, if you have 48 hours in hand, try experimenting with these places and activities in Dover.


Museums In Dover

A) The Woodman’s Museum

Comprising four Federal-style brick houses, the Woodman’s museum is a 20th century style museum exhibiting science, art and history. The four buildings include the Woodman House, the Hale House, the William Damm Garrison, and the Keefe House. Opened in 1916, it displays a lot of elements from local history, art, and antiques. With colonial artifacts, shell and fossil gallery, Dover’s textile products, and ruins from the wars on display, the prominent one is the saddle rode by Abraham Lincoln before his assassination. The other gravitating objects are an old piano with genuine ivory keys, a 13-star old American flag as well as a 10-foot stuffed polar bear from the Arctic alongside few other animals specimens and an entire range of military collection.

Note: The entrance fee is around 15 dollars for adults and 10 dollars for students as well as hours of operation are Wednesday to Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm. It is located at 182, Central Ave, Dover, NH 03820.

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B) Children’s Museum

The Children’s Museum of New Hampshire has an array of activities, summer camps, and festivals. One of the famous ones is the NH maker fest, an opportunity to showcase one’s hobbies, science experiments, projects, and culinary skills. The event takes place on June 4th where everyone is welcomed and the fest runs from 10 am to 3 pm. Although, overall the museum is solely for families with children from birth to 12 years of age. There are numerous fests for children including toddler fest celebration, Fairy House and Gnome Home Celebration, Not So Spooky Weekend, Teddy Bear Clinic +Picnic, and many more. They spur creativity, curiosity, innovation, socializing and a lot of entertainment for children.

Note: If you are planning to visit it with your children, ensure that you register yourself prior to securing a proper slot for the event. It costs 11 dollars for adults and children whereas 9 dollars for senior citizens along with children.

A Very Ancient Church

Dover has cultural offerings and heritage which is in many forms including this ancient church. Founded in 1839 and designed by the English architect, Henry Vaughan, this “St. Thomas Episcopal Church”, Dover was built typically in Carpenter Gothic Style. It was demolished and revived in 1890 with the “Gothic Revival Style” also called “English Perpendicular”. The interior of the church has original woodwork and plaster while the tower outside has a turret with a spiral staircase. With its gable roof supported by heavy wooden trusses, it has a square tower. It is till date an active parish of the Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire.

Famous Pottery In The World

The most renowned pottery studio, Salmon Falls Stoneware in Dover is acknowledged for the artist, Andy Cochran selling his handcrafted pottery which comprises baking items, kitchenware, crocks, vases and salt glazed pottery overall. It is popular across the world for its exceptional quality as well as the studio offers basic teachings of pottery. So, if you are seeking to learn a new skill or spend some quality time with your family, one can head over to this pottery studio.

A Wildlife Preserve Worth Exploring

With a diverse habitat, "Raymond & Simon Savage Wildlife Preserve" borders Shorey’s Brook and contains a mix of forests alongside tidal and freshwater front. It is a 26-acre park on the Salmon Falls River in South Berwick which has wildlife such as bald eagles, shorebirds and upland birds, deer, sea, and baby ducks. This preserve is open to the public and is recommended to go on weekends.

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The Famous Arts Festival

Starting in 1987, one of the popular festivals, “Cochecho Arts Festival” will celebrate its 36th anniversary this year. Held in the month of August or September, this festival has events like Shark in the Park, children’s series, farmers market, acoustic performances, art projects like sculpting, painting and mono printing and a few classic rock bands as well. It also has family movie nights, Food Fest, and collaboration with NH Maker Fest. The event draws almost 10,000 people every year.

An Authentic Italian Restaurant

An authentic Italian restaurant in Dover, Patty B’s has been for generations serving people the best Italian cuisine. While the dining room is spacious and cozy, it also has tables on the porch for al fresco dining. Apart from their family recipes which keep their name on the ladder, their signature marinara sauce and classic Italian dishes take the show. It is located at 34 Dover Point Road and offers great food at budget-friendly prices.