In the beautiful state of Chihuahua in Mexico lies a unique series of six canyons, known as Copper Canyon. The latter is famous for the countless opportunities for outdoor and fun activities and the most spectacular landscapes and breathtaking views. Copper Canyon was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is four times bigger than the Grand Canyon.

People go to this unique region of the earth to participate in various activities, including mountain biking, hiking, and exploring the beautiful local culture. No matter how much is written or spoken about the marvelousness and uniqueness of Copper Canyon in Mexico, it will never be enough, and one will not know what it feels like in this splendid spot unless they visit for themselves. Here’s what to know about this Mexican thrill-seeker’s paradise.


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Here’s What To Know About Hiking In Copper Canyon

People enjoy hiking in Copper Canyon. While the experience is so unique, they are advised to roam the region with a trusted local guide for safety reasons. This is because maps aren’t too accurate in Copper Canyon, and the trails aren’t well-marked. Thus, a local guide is needed, particularly when venturing off the beaten path. Moreover, there were many falling and injury incidents by travelers in the past because the terrain is extreme throughout the Copper Canyon system.

  • What to pack: People who visit Copper Canyon are advised to wear appropriate hiking gear to ensure their safety at all times and prevent accidents. They should also take fleece and a wet weather jacket to protect themselves against low temperatures in the evening. Moreover, people must bring plenty of food and water to keep their energy high.

As for the trails to hike, there is the 52-kilometer loop from Cusarare to Divisadero, which needs three to four days to complete. People can access the trailheads from Creel by public transport. Along the way, they can behold the beauty of the Cusarare Falls. Moreover, they can enjoy swimming in the Rio San Ignacio. The most popular hike in Copper Canyon is the one with a length of 52 kilometers, which is taken from Batopilas to Urique and needs around three days to complete. People start their hike in Batopilas and then take the bus from Creel to get there.

Mountain Biking Is A Great Way To Enjoy In Copper Canyon, And This Is How To Practice The Hobby

Mexico is home to a thriving road and mountain biking scene, and the town of Creel is the gateway to that. This is because Creel hosts a unique national cycling festival and race series every year in July. The town sits at an elevation of 2,300 meters. This makes it possible to access every kind of trail, including rocky desert landscapes, world-class technical single-track, Moab-quality slick rock, winding back roads, challenging long climbs, descents on old mining tracks, and forest roads.

Although the town of Creel has clear tracks to follow, the mountain biking mecca isn’t for newbies. This is why a guide is recommended when practicing the hobby there. For instance, people may be met with various obstacles along the way, including a donkey or rock slides. Another thing people must consider when going mountain biking in Copper Canyon is to come prepared with spare tires and repair kits.

People visiting Creel also enjoy taking tours to the nearby sites of Valle de las Ranas and Valle de Los Hongos, where they can also witness the unique caves where some families of the Indigenous Tarahumara live. Another attraction that people can visit from Creel is the Recohuata Hot Springs, which is just 22 kilometers from Creel and can be visited as a day trip.

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This Is What To Do At Copper Canyon Adventure Park

The Copper Canyon Adventure Park is home to various unique attractions, including the Zip Rider, Via Ferrata, and an Aerial Tram. The park is located between Divisadero and Posada Barrancas. It houses one of the world’s longest ziplines, the Zip Rider, which reaches a speed of 35 kilometers per hour. People take up the most breathtaking views of Copper Canyon as they hang from the zip line, which is 2,545 meters long and 450 meters high.

  • Recommended: People who feel like they can’t control the speed of the Zip Rider and are afraid of crashing into the platform are advised to take a tandem zip with a guide.

As for the Via Ferrata attraction in the park, it allows people to walk over suspension bridges, abseil their way down the canyon wall, and cross wires above Copper Canyon.

Copper Canyon Adventure Park is also home to one of the world’s most impressive cable cars, the Aerial Tram. It features cabins that reach a height of 450 meters and have a length of 2.73 kilometers.

  • Recommended: People are advised to take the Aerial Tram after taking the Zip Rider. This will allow them to soak in the views at a slower pace on their way back.

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