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Pier 17 is a great place to go for some fun. It's close to the Brooklyn Bridge and has great views of the skyline. This makes it a popular spot for tourists who yearn to see what NYC has to offer. The pier also houses restaurants, shops, and event spaces which make it one of the most popular places in the city. Here are some things travelers should know about Pier 17.

Where To Find Pier 17

Pier 17 is a restaurant and event space in South Street Seaport. It's located a few minutes away from the famous Brooklyn Bridge, so it's easy to reach it by public transit or car. The venue is also close enough to many tourist attractions. This includes the World Trade Center site and Battery Park City. The location makes it easy for guests who want to easily explore this part of New York City without too much walking involved. For those who need to exercise, there are plenty of other beautiful places nearby.


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Pier 17 is a great venue for anyone looking to take in the views of NYC. It's close to the Financial District, with views of Staten Island Ferry boats from afar. Travelers can also enjoy some museum-worthy architecture at this pier, which features a wide range of restaurants and bars.

The South Street Seaport Museum is located right on this pier, as well as many other attractions. Popular tourist sites in the nearby Manhattan's Financial District area include Rockefeller Center (which has free tours) and Times Square, where guests will find giant billboards advertising TV shows like "Friends" or "Rock & Roll."

Pier 17 features some city's top-rated restaurants and cafes as well as a variety of specialty shops and event spaces. This is great news for visitors looking for a new spot to grab a bite while they're in town or going shopping. The shops offer a unique selection of gifts, clothing, and accessories that will help travelers create a personal style statement.

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The Pier 17 restaurant, shops, and event spaces are open for business all year-round. The restaurants feature innovative menus that reflect the fresh seafood available from New York's waters. A good example is Fulton by Jean-Georges, which has an extensive menu with lots of options at all price points. It’s also strategically placed with a unique seating area, so visitors can enjoy meals while experiencing the breathtaking view of the Brooklyn Bridge or watching boats sail by from the decks.

Admission To Pier 17

The main entrance is located on the Brooklyn Bridge side of Pier 17. VIP ticket holders and special guests enter using elevators near the Box Offices. Overnight camping is not allowed in this area or anywhere else within or near The Rooftop. Weapons, umbrellas, large bags, selfie sticks, and anything else that could pose a security threat are prohibited. Safety requirements will be enforced by armed security personnel at all times. This includes walking through metal detectors and bag checks.

Things To Do At Pier 17

Pier 17 is the most glamorous part of New York's waterfront. It's an upscale neighborhood with plenty of attractions. Here are some things to do at Pier 17.

Enjoy Live Music At Heineken Riverdeck

There's nothing quite as special as enjoying a live music performance in the company of others. Located on the northern side of Pier 17, the Heineken Riverdeck is a great place to grab a drink and listen to live music. The view is spectacular. Guests can see the East River, Brooklyn Bridge, and Statue of Liberty.

Have A Drink At Dante Seaport

Dante Seaport is a great place to have a drink. It's an indoor-outdoor waterfront space where visitors can practice the Italian Aperitivo-style drinking culture. The views of New York City are spectacular, especially at night.

The other exciting thing to do is tour the rooftop. The skating rink is open for the winter and is perfect for all ages. The rooftop provides a superb setting for holiday parties or a romantic hangout with a loved one.

Tips For Staying Safe When Visiting Pier 17

Safety is key if planning to travel solo to New York City. For instance, visitors should be aware of the surroundings, so it’s advisable to stay alert and on guard. If guests see something suspicious, they should not hesitate to call the police or notify the nearest security personnel.

Travelers should avoid leaving valuables unattended. Bags or purses should be guarded at all times. Guests should not show off wealth by flashing large wads of money or expensive jewelry around.

In addition, tourists should not use headphones while walking around or near water. Headphones can drown out sounds that might alert visitors to an approaching person or animal. Travelers ought to contact security immediately if they encounter something suspicious.

Pier 17 is a fun, vibrant destination for visitors and locals. The venue boasts an impressive view of the bustling city. It's filled with restaurants, bars, and nightclubs that provide plenty of entertainment options to visitors.