Dubai is by far one of the most frequented holiday destinations across the globe. From its unique shopping malls to luxurious hotels, Dubai is a leading tourist destination for a reason.

Dubai is not the place to do some basic backpacking and leave. The logistics that come with it make it hard for on-budget vacationers to visit this wonderful part of the world. Touring the emirates cheaply is not a walk in the park. It requires a prior understanding of the area, the hotels, and free places to visit. Even with the high cost of accommodation, food, and drinks, it is still possible to visit Dubai on a budget.


Below are the basics for a budget-friendly Dubai Trip.

Affordable Hotels To Book In Dubai

Dubai has all through been packaged as a luxurious tourist destination. Five years ago, the phrase ‘cheap Dubai hotels’ was a mere paradox that is starting to make sense today. Over the last two to three years, the hospitality industry in Dubai has undergone a massive transformation. Today, affordable hotels are not hard to find in the Emirates.

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Golden Tulip Deira

The number one hotel to make the Dubai experience real albeit on a budget is Golden Tulip Deira. This hotel features simple quarters whose key purpose is to host on-budget vacationers for a night or two. Best still, vacationers enjoy a 4-star treatment. The hotel has a rooftop pool where vacationers soak up the Middle East’s scorching sun. The hotel complex houses three restaurants serving a wide range of mouthwatering delicacies.

  • Location: Deira, Dubai
  • Cost: $39/Night/Room

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SMZ Hotel Apartment

Families flying out for a holiday in Dubai find the SMZ hotel a perfect place to call home. This apartment features two-bedroomed cubicles furnished with all the necessities of a normal functional home. From a fully equipped kitchen to a flat-screen TV and a washing machine, vacationing families find all the comfort they would long for while holidaying. With the high rates charged in most apartments in this region, the slightly over 100-dollar bill attached to this hotel doesn’t even come close to that.

  • Location: Dubai
  • Cost: $110/Night/Room

Ultimate Luxury At Dubai Creek Waterfront

Vacationers looking for strategically positioned apartments not far from the busy town center will find the one at the Dubai Creek Waterfront truly amazing. This apartment is best suited for vacationers addicted to shopping. With the ever-magnificent Dubai Mall in the peripheral, vacationers have the perfect opportunity to indulge in the Dubai shopping culture. Within the facility is an indoor swimming pool where vacationers soak up away from the glaring eye of the public. The area around the apartment has some great hotels serving a wide range of global cuisines.

  • Location: Dubai
  • Cost: $184/Night/Room

What To Do In Dubai On A Budget?

Although Dubai is an expensive travel destination, vacationers are not forced to do some extravagant things the Emirates has to offer. To a large extent, it is a matter of choice. On-budget vacationers can still opt out of these costly practices and concentrate on the free ones without compromising the Dubai experience.

Strolling Around Dubai Beaches

Dubai is home to multiple free beaches. As such, on-budget vacationers cannot make excuses for missing out on this free activity. Key among the beaches Dubai adventures need to experience is the Marina Beach.

While the area has a multitude of other free beaches, Marina is most recommended for different reasons. First, the beach has a variety of dining options for the ordinary vacationer to explore. Children will also have a good time on this beach, thanks to the multiple playgrounds at their disposal.

The Famous Dubai Creek

For the longest time, Dubai has been broadcasted to the outside world as a desert with little to no water activities to suit the average vacationer. Vacationers arriving at the Dubai Creek are treated to a huge surprise. The Dubai Creek is a fun-filled waterway that presents vacationers with a couple of activities to try out.

Vacationers who don’t want to spend a single cent in this part of Dubai have the option to stroll around and enjoy the Creek. Others who can’t resist the temptation brought by the waterway will part with a small fee to catch a ride around it.

Spice Souk Market Tour

Dubai doesn’t discriminate against any vacationer. From shopping addicts to luxury consumers, and now spice junkies, the Dubai experience is built differently. Arabs have a thing for spices and the best way to witness this spectacle firsthand is by visiting the legendary Spice Souk market.

The market is not a preserve for Middle Eastern items alone. Spices from across the globe have found their way to this market. From the colorful sights of neatly arranged spices to the nice smells emanating from them, touring the market is a therapeutic experience in itself.

While Dubai has been packaged as a luxury-oriented tourist destination, on-budget vacationers also have a chance to explore it without breaking the bank. With a multitude of affordable apartments in the area, it is possible to vacation in Dubai today on a tight budget.