Niger is not a country most people have heard of let alone plan to make their next African tourism destination. Niger is a country in the Sahara in Africa with a large land area. Niger is a land of untapped potential and expansive desert landscapes. There is only limited tourism in Niger and very little supporting tourism infrastructure.

Niger should not be confused with Nigeria - Africa's most population nation to the south (that one should also visit). When traveling around the world, there are some tips that help people to keep safe no matter the destination.


About The Country Of Niger

It should be noted that there are ongoing travel warnings to Niger because of ongoing insurgencies and Niger is a destination only for experienced travelers.

  • Caution: There Are Ongoing Travel Warnings For Niger

The more popular places to visit in Niger are the historical city of Agadez, areas around the Niger River, animal reserves like Koure, and the capital Niamey.

  • Size: 490,000 Square Miles or 1,270,000 Square Kilometers (Twice The Size Of Texas)
  • Population: Around 22 Million
  • Language: French

For those lucky enough to visit this forgotten country they will find that Niger is a desert republic filled with equally forgotten history and ancient caravan cities on the edge of the Sahara.

In the north, one can find Neolithic rock art in the Aïr Mountains while stunning oasis towns dot the country. One can find dinosaur fossils and graveyards in the Ténéré Desert that is also home to expansive dunes.

Historic And Gateway City Of Agadez

Agadez is the fifth largest city in Niger although it is still small with a population of only around 110,000. It is right on the edge of the Sahara Desert and its historic center is a designated World Heritage Site.

  • Agadez Historic Center: Designated World Heritage Site

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Niger Travel and Tours

One of the tour companies offering guided tours in Niger is Niger Travel and Tours. They claim to offer guided, safe, insured, and comfortable holidays in Niger. They offer everything from voyaging on the Niger River to Sahara tours in Agadez and the Ténéré Desert as well as to Lake Chad and the frontiers of the Sahel.

  • Sahel: The Name for The Transitional Zone To The Desert of the Sahara

On their tours, one can see animals, traditional tribes, lost kingdoms, ancient culture, and go on Niger Safaris. This is a great chance to see one of the world's most remote reaches almost devoid of tourists.

Niger Travel and Tours have guides from a family who have been working in tourism for 3 generations and extensive experience. The tours are also affordable with prices far below that of expensive Kenya and Tanzania.

Examples Of Niger Travel and Tours Packages

Grand Tour of The Ténéré Desert: Explore the stunning reaches of the desert and see wonders that will dazzle anyone with their Grand Tour of the Ténéré Desert. The experience begins immediately, just 10 minutes from leaving Agadez one is plunged into another world.

One will see bear rock paintings from prehistoric cultures that vanished thousands of years ago, pre-Islamic tombs, exotic cultures, and petrified tree trunks. This tour is for a group of people of 7 or more and starts from Agadez. Solo travelers or small groups should contact them directly for pricing. The duration is 12 to 14 days depending on the options selected.

  • Cost: $1,765 Per Person Group Of 7 or More
  • Duration: 12 to 14 Days
  • Includes: 4WD Vehicles and Fuel, Drivers, Guide, Full Board, And A Cook
  • Excludes: Drinks, Plane tickets, Food, And Lodging While in Agadez
  • See: Petrified Trees, Ancient Rock Paintings, Giant Dunes, Salt Camel Caravans, And More

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Kouré Wild Giraffe Tour

The Kouré Wild Giraffes tour takes one to see Niger's stunning giraffes. Hop into a sturdy SUV and track the herds of giraffes that wander about the park with an expert local guide. The population of these gentle giants now numbers over 600 after having dwindled to only 481. One can come within 5 meters of the giraffes and they are one of the few animals in Niger that pose no danger to humans at close range.

  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Cost: From $199 ($399 For One Person One Vehicle)

They offer many other tours including a cruise down the Niger River that is home to dozens of tribes older than the historical record and countless animal species. Here life has remained unchanged for thousands of years and is home to hippos.

Other tours unlock many other attractions and secrets of the country with packages ranging from one day to over 14 days. If one is looking for something exotic and unusual, then consider this part of the world.

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