Who has been to Earth? In fact, very few people in this world have visited Earth - it's not a popular place. If one is driving through western Texas, pop into Earth - just to tell folks that you've been to Earth. Perhaps one can adjust one's 10-day itinerary to Texas with a side trip to Earth.

Unfortunately, the coolest thing to say about Earth, Texas is its name... Earth is a small rural town in Lamb County in western Texas. There isn't much to see or do there, but it is possible to have dinner and even spend the night in the town's only motel. While other unique towns in Texas may make for the best vacations, Earth makes for an amusing excursion.


History Of Earth And Its Namesake

Earth is a small farming community located around 70 miles northwest of Lubbock and 90 miles southwest of Amarillo. It is 40 miles east of the Texas and New Mexico state line.

Earth was established in 1924 after it was laid out by William E. Halsell. He originally planned to call the new community Fairlawn, but the fledging community was renamed in 1925 as it was found out that there already was a Fairlawn in Texas. The new name was chosen by the people of the community sending in suggestions, the agreed-upon best name was chosen.

  • Established: 1924

Other sources like Spring Lake Earth claim that the first name was "Tulsa" but the postal authorities rejected this name. This source goes on to say that it is not clear why the name Earth was chosen. They say that people believe that a local resident suggested the name "Good Earth" because of the fertile soil around the town, with the name being shortened to Earth.

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Decline Of Earth

The town has seen better days, its population peaked in 1980 with around 1,500 inhabitants. While Texas is one of the fastest-growing states in the United States, Earth seems to have a declining one with a reported population of only 1,065 in the 2010 census and is expected to be less than 1,000 now. Over half of the population is Hispanic or Latino.

  • Population: 1,065 (2010 Census)
  • Fun Fact: There Is Only One Stop Light In The Town

The community grew in part because of the development of irrigation on the farms as well as the establishment of Plant X (an electrical plant just out of Earth).

Some Things You May Not Have Known About Earth:

Earth: Is Underpopulated

Earth: Has A Declining Population

Earth: Is Small

Earth: Is In The United States (There's A Reason The Aliens Always Seem To Land In America)

Earth: Speaks English (and Maybe Spanish)

Earth: Has Five Churches

Earth: Most Exciting Thing To Happen On Earth Was A Dairy Queen Commerical in 1989

The average income of this town was also low with the median income for a household is around $37,000.

One upshot is that house prices are cheap. According to BestPlaces.net, the median home cost on Earth is $59,800.

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Restaurants And Dining Out

There are a few options for eating out on Earth, unlike most destinations, it is possible to give a complete list here. Note that the information below comes from Spring Lake Earth and has not been updated since 2004. Visiting Earth offers an escape from the gentrification that has robbed so many cities and neighborhoods of their character.

  • The Dairy Queen: Opened In the 1970s, Serve American Favorites Like Hamburgers and Fries, Chicken Strip Baskets And Tacos
  • The Wolverine: A Family-Owned Restaurant Operating Since 1927, They Serve Home Cooked Meals
  • The Earth Locker: Owned And Operated By The Local Carlos Duran And Family, They Butcher Meat And Serve Barbeque Brisket and Beef Jerky Each Saturday At Noon (They Also Cater For Many Functions)
  • The Pizza Place: Another Family Owned Business Established In 2000 (In The Early 2000s It Also Doubled As Earth's Only Video Rental Store)
  • Allsup's: Is Earth's Only Convenience Store and Their Most Popular Item Is Their Allsup's "Famous Burritos"

For accommodation, there is the Earth Motel & Cafe. This is a small and humble motel but has everything one needs so that one can say they have spent a pitstop in Earth. One reviewer on Google said of the motel:

"The price is very fair you have lots of Privacy. The town folk are all very friendly and it seems to feel safe here."

Apart from these, there seems to be nothing to do in Earth, the town and the restaurants have all seen better days. Tripadvisor's list of things to do in Earth is not actually in Earth but is in the surrounding area around it. If it wasn't for the name, Earth is a place one would normally drive through without stopping.

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