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Also known as Zakynthos, Zante is among the key exotic islands in Greece. Zante is one of the most gorgeous Greek islands. It receives thousands of vacationers every year.

From its breathtaking beaches to the unique waters, vacationers are treated to a fascinating experience worth every penny. When people are visiting a new location, there is great emphasis on the dos. The don’ts are hardly a point of discussion.

Although Zante is a spectacular island, there are still some unwritten rules that tourists need to be aware of. Every vacationer needs to avoid these things when visiting Zante, Greece.


Peak Seasons Are A No-Go Zone

With Zante being a global tourist destination, there is a no-brainer that it is likely to attract huge crowds during peak seasons. While everybody is there to have fun on their own, too much overcrowding creates chaos in a normally quiet environment.

The resulting chaos automatically affects the quality of the whole vacationing experience. Again, not everyone who comes to Zante has good intentions. Others are criminals who thrive in crowded areas.

Visiting Zante before or after the peak season is the only way to beat the crowds. The months of July and August are specifically known to be chaos. The favorable condition of the island and its beaches at that time sees a lot of traffic. For a better experience, vacationers are advised to visit in June, a month before the peak season, and leave before it begins.

However, since most people want to experience the summer conditions of this exotic island, opting for a late extended summer holiday can do the magic trick. Between September and November, vacationers have the beach all to themselves without the inconveniences associated with peak season crowds.

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Quad Bikes Are Unsafe

A vacation presents the best opportunity for people to try new activities, some of which don’t seem to make sense at all. Whenever it is the holiday season in Zante, it is easy to spot tourists doing some of the most bizarre things they would not have dared in their mother countries.

Zante presents vacationers with the opportune moment to try out some thrilling rides. Riding quad bikes is a common activity on Zante Island. Roaring all over the streets, these bikes are popular among the teens. Unfortunately, there is nothing good that comes with these bikes. If anything, they are more disastrous than previously thought to be.

Apart from being unstable on the road, quad bikes lack seat belts. Recent data shows that 25% of people who rent quad bikes end up being involved in accidents. While 25% looks like it is just a number, the truth is there are relatives to those who lose their lives here and are left to bear the burden on their own.

The good part about visiting Zante beach is that there is a multitude of other activities that are not a health risk. After all, staying away from the quad bikes doesn’t in any way dampen a vacationer’s experience in Zante.

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Stay Away During The Hottest Months

Staying away during the hottest months of the year is probably the most controversial point a vacationer will see on the internet today. It is a paradox from the previous observation that tourists should visit during the summer. But with facts, the hottest months are a no-go zone, especially for people with sensitive skin.

Global warming isn’t just a theory. Heatwaves are being experienced all over the world and the Zante Island isn’t an exception. In some months, temperatures can soar above 37 degrees Celsius, which is more than the human body can handle.

While most beach activities are enjoyed when the sun is up there, sometimes it becomes too much. The paradox comes in when the peak season is also the hottest month. Thus, staying away during the peak months saves vacationers the blushes of dealing with unprecedented heatwaves.

Balcony Parties

After a year of hustling, vacations come in handy to offer people a much-needed relaxation experience. During such times, more people trickle down to the southern coast of Europe to have a good time on Zante Island.

As it happens everywhere else in the world, hotels in Zante have extensions on the outside called balconies. The core purpose of the balconies is to give vacationers a satisfying view of the outside environment. However, some vacationers become too clever and convert them into avenues for wild parties.

That one has paid for a hotel room doesn’t give them exclusive rights to use them for whatever purpose. Such activities are likely to attract unnecessary lawsuits, which eventually spoil the whole Zante experience. Besides the legal aspect, vacationers risk their lives by dirty dancing around the balconies while intoxicated. Fatalities are not a new thing in such instances, so imagine how saddening it would be for one to visit Zante for some good time only to end up dead. So sad indeed.

Zante is a good choice for a fun-filled vacation. However, adventurers need to understand the rules of the game to enjoy the vacation while it lasts.