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Not all the fun happens in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula at the resort cities of Cancun and Tulum. Another destination is the stunning Baja California Peninsula on the Pacific side of America's southern neighbor. Go all the way south to the Mexican state of Baja California Sur, and one will find Cabo San Lucas (or just Cabo) - a great resort city.

As one of the most popular destinations in Mexico, Cabo San Lucas has its share of tourist traps (but that needn't be a deal breaker). Cabo San Lucas is not the only great destination in the region, consider also visit in the El Perdido Resort as an alternative. Baja California is a stunning region and one that should be on anyone's budget list.


Things To Avoid In Cabo San Lucas

The twin cities of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo are collectively known as Los Cabos and have a population of around 350,000 people.

  • Location: Baja California Sur

Generally, traveling is not nearly as dangerous as many people sometimes think it is. That being said, some places are more dangerous than others, and Mexico, unfortunately, Mexico does have a higher crime rate than the United States (and much higher than Canada).

This means that one should be careful to exercise prudent safety precautions when traveling there. Fortunately, Cabo is generally a safe destination, but precautions are in order. Avoid taking large amounts of cash or documents - leave the passport at the hotel and take a copy or picture of it on one's phone.

  • Documents: Some Countries Require ID To Be Carried At All Times, But Avoid Carrying A Passport If Not Required

Some things to avoid include:

  • Wearing Expensive Jewelry
  • Carrying Unnecessary Amounts Of Cash (& Keep It Hidden)
  • Walking Alone at Night
  • Putting One's Phone On A Cafe Table

Conversely, always ask locals (e.g., hotel staff) what is and isn't safe and what places should be avoided.

While one may associate Mexican beach resorts with swimming in the sea, watch out. Some of the beaches in Cabo are not swimmable. There are dangers of riptides, steep drops, and a lack of lifeguards.

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Things To Do In Cabo San Lucas

There are plenty of things to do in Cabo - and swimming (at safe beaches) is one of them. Cabo is famous for being one of the top tourist destinations in Mexico and is known for its beaches, scuba diving, marine life, and more. The recommended beaches for swimming are:

  • Santa Maria Bay
  • Lover’s Beach
  • Chileno Beach

One should take boat tours and explore the rich marine wildlife around Cabo. The waters are home to rays, sharks, mahi-mahi (dorado), and striped marlin. The best times for seeing whales and sharks is from early January through to March. Additionally, Cabo is home to whale sharks, and the whale shark season runs from October to March.

  • Whale Watching Season: January to March
  • Whale Shark Watching Season: October to March
  • Humpback Whale Season: mid-November to April

Tour operators are mostly based out of La Paz - around a two-hour drive from Cabo. If one is suspectable of sea sickness, then take a morning tour when the seas are calmer; otherwise, go in the afternoon when the whales are more active.

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Tips For Visiting Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is far from the United States - it is a 22-hour drive from San Diego (still possible if one really wants to drive). So most will be flying to Los Cabos or taking a cruise ship there.

  • Tip: Hire A Car

In the event of flying there, it is advised to rent a car (there are also taxis as an option).

One of the more important things about planning a trip to Los Cabos is timing. The summary of the times are:

  • Best Time For Good Weather: June through mid-July and mid-October through mid-December
  • Rainy Season: August and September
  • Snowbirds: Peak Season December through February
  • Cheapest Months: May through September

To avoid the crowds, go in August and September. Unfortunately, there is a reason why these months are less popular - it is the rainy season. There is also a slight chance of hurricanes.

Perhaps a happy medium is May and June - when there are fewer people around but just before the rainy season.