America is a road-tripper's paradise - one of the best in the world (if not the best). The Western half of America is diverse beyond measure and is just so incredibly rich with all manner of discoveries waiting to be had and secrets waiting to be found.  The American Interstate system is one of the very best in the world and the price of gasoline is one of the cheapest in the Western World. This makes long road trips so much more affordable. That being said, the price of gasoline is noticeably more in the West!


From the coastal rainforests of Washington to the baking desert of Death Valley the scenery is diverse and unending. Many of the states are so underrated - Idaho for one undersells itself as the "Potato State" (perhaps that's just a ploy to keep away the tourists because it is the off-roaders' dream). We would love to talk about all the states in the West, but that is beyond the scope of this article. Instead, we will limit ourselves to California, Oregon, and Nevada, and we will mention some of the cool things to see and do there while on a road trip.

Awesome Places To Visit In California On A Road Trip

California is home to some of America's most famous national parks including Yosemite National Park, Sequoia National Park, Joshua Tree National Park, Death Valley, and more - not to mention the many state parks. Many people when they think of California think more of the cities like the Bay Area and Los Angles and the beaches. Move outside of these cities and you will find so much of the world represented in California.

The hills around San Francisco resemble those of Aledaide in Australia and the vineyards of the Central Valley are reminiscent of those of Australia's Barossa Valley. Be sure to call into wineries like Paskett Winery, McManis Family Vineyards, or Westbrook Wine Farm Vineyard while passing through the Central Valley.

Northern California is a stark contrast to southern California. In the north, you will find a wealth of towering volcanoes (the awe-inspiring Mt Shasta) and lush forests - including the coastal redwoods. You can camp in the forests or discover the lava tube caves.

If you are road tripping through northern California be sure to stay at the Lake Siskiyou Camp Resort on a small lake nestled amount the forests under the gaze of Mt Shasta. From here you can explore the lava caves that stretch for miles underground.

Awesome Places To Visit In Oregon

Oregon is so much more than Portland. While Portland is a stunning city, Oregon is one of the most beautiful states in the Union. You can visit Crater Lake National Park - this crater lake is said to be the bluest lake in the world! And boy is it blue! If you venture down to the water's edge, be prepared for the cute little chipmunks stealing your cookies!

The centrally located and stunning town of Bend is a great base to stay and explore Oregon. From here you can explore the lava fields and obsidian flows. Also from here, you can visit the lush coastal rain forests of the coast.

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Alternatively, you can travel to the wide, open, and thinly populated expanses of eastern Oregon. From here you can explore the high desert and explore for oases and hot springs just bubbling up in the desert. A cluster of these hot springs can be found in southeastern Oregon and they are called Mickey Hot Springs, Alvord Hot Springs, and Willow Creek Hot Springs. Willow Creek Hots Springs has two pools with one warmer than the other and is an oasis with lots of reeds, (harmless) snakes, and birds. If you go to Mickey Hot Springs be careful not to jump in the main pool - it is dangerously HOT!

Oh, and when in eastern Oregon, Succor Creek State Natural Area is definitely a hidden gem to spend the night camping in! It is a small but utterly stunning canyon and you will likely have the whole canyon to yourself!

Awesome Places To Visit In Nevada

Nevada is one of the most underrated states in America. Many people just think of Las Vagas (though if you do visit Las Vagas don't forget to visit the Hoover Dam just outside the city). Nevada is mostly high desert but is it crossed with many mountain ranges and these mountain ranges are forested and are utterly stunning for camping and hiking. Be sure to visit and climb Arc Dome - one of the most prominent in the state.

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There's also so much history to this Nevada. It is full of old mining ghost towns like Aurora (near Bodie pictured above). Aurora was a town of 15,000 but now all you can see at the site is the cemetery. If you want to visit "living" ghost towns then visit old-timey Virginia City a short drive from Reno. It is full of old-timey saloons, bars, and shows with folks dressed as settlers and cowboys on the streets. For older history, you can also see ancient native petroglyphs around the state - like Grimes Point Archaeological Area a short drive from Virginia City.

In short, the Western side of the United States is just made for road-tripping. It is jammed packed full of things to see and do. We will talk more about other states like Oregon and Washington in another article!

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