Some of the best craft breweries in the country are found no further than New York and while the matter of flavor is a personal opinion, there's no denying that New York is slaying the game when it comes to hops. From unusual and unique flavors to a traditional-style beer done in an exceptional way, these breweries and taking names and kicking butt. Both the east coast and west coast have something to offer in terms of craft greatness but for now, New York is where it's at! These are the breweries that should be on everyone's road trip list.


Big Ditch Brewing Company

Big Ditch gets its name from Buffalo's history, a tale that goes back to 1825, referencing the Erie Canal, once believed to be a worthless endeavor by Governor DeWitt Clinton.

Referencing Buffalo's history as well as a job that was successful in the face of presumed defeat, Big Ditch was voted one of the best craft breweries in the country, not just in New York. Not only is this brewery's beer a work of art, but its food is also knocking flavor out of the park with dishes such as Buffalo wings with a Hayburner IPA sauce and the Breuban, made with Excavator Rye Brown Ale-brined corned beef. Grab a flight and try some seasonal flavors, or go with their traditional Golden Ale or original IPA.

Greenport Harbor Brewing Company

Greenport Harbor is located on Long Island, just north of all the vineyards on the North Fork in Suffolk County. Their most recent addition includes a tasting room in Peconic, which is an awesome place to spend a lazy Saturday.

With a food menu that changes often throughout the year and plenty of open dining space to hang out, this tasting room is nothing short of glorious. Venture outside and explore the green space, with plenty of outdoor game options such as cornhole and oversized Jenga, as well as plenty of chairs for lounging around with any number of their exceptional brews.

Ithaca Beer Company

Ithaca is beautiful and worth a trip any time of year and for beer fans, Ithaca Beer Company should be on the list. Fans of Ithaca are familiar with their unique offerings such as the apricot wheat beer and Flower Power IPA, but the actual brewery is also home to a beer garden that's nothing short of perfect on a summer or fall day.

Another cool thing about Ithaca Beer Company is their restaurant menu - it features plenty of offerings made with local ingredients, exuding a classic farm-to-table and micro-brewery feel.

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Ellicottville Brewing Co.

While Elliotcotville Brewing Co. is quite a large operation with four locations, it's still a microbrewery coming out with flavors that are constantly challenging the norm when it comes to beer.

Their brewery food is also challenging normal standards, introducing awesome dishes such as brewer tots and beef on weck. To go with a truly innovative menu are some of the most interesting beers in the country, including flavors like Pumpkinville Latte, Blueberry Wheat Ale, Pineapple Upside Down Shake IPA, Chocolate Cherry Bomb Imperial Stout, and Fall Festival.

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Brooklyn Brewery

Brooklyn Brewery is a favorite for many New Yorkers and can be found at most restaurants, but it's not just locals who are giving this brewery so much attention. With classic flavors done right, this brewery is offering superior beer with no frills, no filler, and all bold and robust flavor.

Every brew that's pumped out of this brewery is spectacular and the most popular options, such as their Brooklyn Lager and East IPA, continue to be favorites all year round. They've even come up with more New York-style beers, such as The Stonewall Inn IPA Brooklyn Pilsner.

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Brewery Ommegang

Another brewery that's voted one of the best in the country is Brewery Ommegang, a name that's known throughout the country for its incredible offerings. Ommegang produces many flavors and varieties of beer and it's beginning to seem like nothing is too much of a challenge for them.

Their offerings range from standard, beloved originals to higher-end flavors that truly pack a punch. The brewery itself started brewing in 1997 and has made a massive name for itself since then, with both New York origins and farm-style beers making a routine appearance on their beer list. Their Farmhouse Saison, Hennepin, and Hopstate IPA are two of the most popular on that list and loved by locals and out-of-staters alike.

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