Traveling solo is a feat that many are interested in but few people actually follow through on. In reality, it's something everyone should do because human nature dictates that we have everything we need to be our own best leaders. While it's easy enough to follow a crowd of tourists or consult with a travel guide, what is one missing out on by planning, and taking, a trip entirely alone?

As it turns out, quite a lot.

We Are The Best Problem-Solvers In Our Lives

Contrary to popular belief, panicking under pressure or the weight of a decision is only something that happens if we allow it to happen. When traveling abroad or even in one's own country, the brain works a bit differently; it becomes survival vs. an overthought. In our daily lives, we have the time to overthink and come up with every possible outcome.


When traveling solo, the mind first goes to the most logical answer, functioning in a way that's most efficient for solving the problem at hand. Surprisingly, most people, such as the solo travelers from Solo Travel World, find that their ability to solve issues transcends anything they'd previously thought they were capable of. In a sense, one could say it becomes a hidden superpower!

Solitude Is A Comfort Rather Than A Burden

It's interesting how, when a person is alone in a new place, the feeling of being 'alone' is something altogether different. It's not the same as being alone in one's home or feeling alone at work or at school - it's the feeling of solitude which, by definition, is slightly different.

Being in a new, unfamiliar place speaks to the wanderlust and natural curiosity in all of us therefore will teach a traveler how to be present and in-tune with their current surroundings. There are so many distractions - whether it be a city with plenty to watch or a tranquil setting with a flood of nature - that the feeling of being 'alone' is actually pretty gar from one's mind. Peace exists in the quiet, contemplative moments, and solo travel is the best way to get out of our own heads.

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Humans Are Social Creatures By Nature

With that being said, it's nearly impossible to go an entire solo trip without meeting someone new. Whether it's while a traveler is asking for directions at the front desk or sharing a common room at a hostel, it's bound to happen that a human connection will be made. It could even happen while one is dining solo at a pub or restaurant. Of course, it helps to make oneself available and open to these connections. Staying at hostels or Bed & Breakfasts - basically, anywhere there's a communal food setting - is helpful.

When traveling by bus or tour group, it's only natural to speak to the people next to you. Trust the process, and it'll likely happen sooner than one might think. One of the biggest takeaways and lessons learned from a solo trip is that travelers learn how to trust themselves, as well as the kindness of people who would have once been perfect strangers.

The Best Places For A Solo Trip

With that being said (and now that interest has surely been piqued), where should one consider a solo trip? Luckily, the world is an oyster for the adventurous soul, so here are some good places to start - with every reason why.

  • Stockholm, Sweden. A true Scandanavian experience awaits travelers in Stockholm, Sweden, where modern amenities meet history and culture. This safe destination offers a fairly easy transportation system along with bridges that link various parts of the city, further simplifying the process of travel for visitors.
  • Costa Rica. This country is perfect for those who prefer beaches to cities, specifically in Santa Teresa, Tamarindo, Puerto Viejo, La Fortuna, and Nosara.
  • Canada. From Banff National Park in Alberta to the historic and cultural city of Montreal, visitors have their choice of regions to explore. Canada is also famously friendly, especially when it comes to solo travelers.
  • New York City. It's a no-brainer in this modern metropolis; with something for everyone, food that's available literally all hours of the night (and entertainment of the same), NYC is an urban haven. It's also far easier to navigate than many people realize and, when in doubt, simply hail a taxi or pull out the GPS.
  • Chiang Mai, Thailand. Often the preferred laid-back locale over the bustling city of Bangkok, Thailand only seems intimidating. It will take a bit of extra work on the part of the solo traveler to navigate and interact with locals but it's worth it - this is a cultural experience that procures a lifetime of memories.

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