Seattle is a magnificent city in Washington that welcomes every year more than 40 million visitors who flock to the region to experience the unique activities that it has to offer and witness the marvelous attractions there. People enjoy visiting the Seattle Center and the Space Needle, the Pike Place Market, Discovery Park, Chihuly Garden, Glass, the aquarium, Woodland Park Zoo, The Museum of History and Industry, the Alki Beach Park, and more. The city is full of outdoor enjoyment opportunities and fun activities that are unforgettable for those who experience them.


However, one of the unique specialties in Seattle is its select snacks which can not be found anywhere else other than in this beautiful city in Washington. Here is a guide revealing the most exclusive snacks of Seattle and where to find them.

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Those Chocolate Shops Are A Must Visit In Seattle

Seattle was never known as a chocolate destination. However, it is worth trying some chocolate makers in the city, such as Fran's Chocolates, making utterly delicious salted caramels. Though not cheap, those desserts are worth every penny for the yummy taste that they carry. Other sweets worth tasting at Fran's Chocolates include chocolate-covered fruits and nuts, truffles, bars, and more. Another chocolate maker worth visiting in Seattle is Theo Chocolates. The latter can be found in Fremont, and people can tour the institution to taste a little bit of everything.

  • Recommended: People are advised to taste the uniquely tasting salted black licorice and cherry almond chocolate bars at Theo Chocolate. Caramels are also worth a try, among other specialty treats.

Both Theo Chocolate and Fran's Chocolate's yummy sweets and snacks can be found at various gift shops, local grocery stores, and maker stores in Seattle.

Another favorite sweet spot in Seattle is its Top Pot Doughnuts which can be found at select locations in the city, including Tacoma. They make snacks consisting of traditional and creative hand-forged doughnuts. Moreover, the sweets available are old-fashioned and of top-notch quality at the same time. Top Pot Doughnuts cafes are located throughout Seattle.

Cupcake Royale cupcakes are also a special treat in Seattle, with Cupcake Royale being the first cupcake bakery to open outside of New York City after the cupcake craze swept the country.

  • Recommended: When visiting Cupcake Royale in Seattle, people are advised to try the traditional chocolate and vanilla flavors and other creative ones, such as the chocolate and cream cheese frosting, tiramisu, lemon drop, and lavender.
  • Where to find them: Cupcake Royale flavors can be bought at Seahawks games, Metropolitan Market, and KeyArena, or the primary location of Cupcake Royale downtown. Moreover, they can also be found via several shops and vendors around Seattle.

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Everyone Must Taste These Delicious Handmade Cheese And Salty Meaty Snacks In Seattle

Beecher's Handmade Cheese is a must-try when visiting Seattle. This snack is so delicious and can be found in several stores and local restaurants in the city. It's primarily made downtown near Pike Place Market.

Going to the south of Seattle, to the town of Kent, people will learn about Oberto, a beef jerky snack that they can find everywhere in the city in stores where food is sold. Oberto consists of meaty and salty snacks, including beef and turkey jerky. There are a wide variety of flavors available. People can also enjoy the tasty smoked sausage sticks made by Oberto, which they can buy as a pack or as a single stick.

Surprisingly, potato chips are also a snack tailored to Seattle. Tim's Cascade Chips is a company that started manufacturing this snack in a town located to the south of Seattle, Auburn in Washington. Today, the company produces its unique potato chips in the city of Algona. The chips made by Tim's are thicker than usual potato chips, and they are also more crunchy.

  • Recommended: People must try the various flavors offered by Tim's Cascade Chips, including their onion, sour cream, and BBQ flavors.

Those Fries And Russian Pastries Are So Unique And Can Be Found Only In Seattle

Attending a Mariner's game in Seattle is so unique because people will have the chance to taste the special flavor of Grounder's Garlic Fries at Safeco Field. These are considered among the most delicious foods in Seattle. Another snack that is prevalent in Seattle is the traditional Russian pastry Prioshky. Those are hand pies that are stuffed with a sweet or savory filling. The latter include meat, potatoes, apples, salmon, and more.

  • Recommended: Although Piroshky snacks can be found in several local fairs, the best are spotted at their original place, Piroshky Piroshky, near the entrance to Pike Place Market.

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