The Lady Washington is a real-life replica of one of America's very first ships. She was built in Aberdeen, in Washington in 1989 and since then she has made numerous movie appearances. After her appearance in the movie the Pirates Of The Caribbean everyone knows her from the famous line "No one can match the Interceptor for speed."

The Lady Washington replica was built and named in honor of the first American flagged ships. She was built some 200 years after the original Lady Washington foundered in the Philippines. She was thoroughly researched by historians in order to recreate the real thing. She is a full-scale replica of the original Lady Washington and was launched just in time for the 1989 Washington State Centennial celebration. While in Seattle, see here for an essential itinerary of what to do for the weekend.


About Lady Washington

Today the Lady Washington is operated by a professional and volunteer crew and is supervised by the Grays Harbor Historical Seaport Authority. She is frequently rented out for movies and so most of the readers have likely seen her onscreen at some port (even while watching space Sci-Fi). She is even open to the public for touring and sailing. She really is a must-see for anyone visiting that part of Washington, she is just so much more than a museum ship, she is an active ship, and something of a movie celebrity. She is often used and sailed and often fills the role of educating people on the history of sailing and the past lives of common sailors. She often works in tandem with the other modern sailing sister ship the Hawaiian Chieftain.

  • Crew: 12
  • Built: 1989
  • Normal Cruising Waters: Washington, West Coast of North America
  • Weight: 99 Tons

History of The Original Lady Washington

The name "Lady Washington" was borne by at least four different 80-100 ton Sloops-of-war and merchant sailing vessels. The first was during the American War of Independence where the ship of that name harassed British shipping. The early ship of the name was 90-tons, she sailed around Cape Horn and engaged in fur trading with Native Americans on the Pacific Northwest as well as with tea with China. And then again post-war as a merchant vessel in the Pacific. She was more commonly known just as "Washington" and she sailed for around 10 years in the 1700s. Much of her history is somewhat obscure.

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She left Boston Harbor as a part of the Columbia Expedition on October 1, 1787. She is reputed to have been the first American flagged ship to have rounded Cape Horn, made landfall in Oregon, visited China, visited Japan (where she unsuccessfully tried to sell leftover pelts), and was the first non-native vessel to circumnavigate Vancouver Island in Canada.

  • Named: In Honor Of Martha Washington
  • First Lady Washington: First American Ship-To Round Cape Horn
  • Oregon: First American Ship-To Land On The Oregon Coast
  • Japan: First American Ship-To Reach Japan (An Unsuccessful Mission)
  • Lost: In The Philippines In July 1797 After Foundering In Northwest Luzon

Lady Washington Movie Appearances

She has appeared in various films since she was built in 1989. Undoubtedly she will continue to star in more in the future as well. These movies include:

  • Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl: Rented To Portray The HMS Interceptor
  • Star Trek Generations: In The Holodeck As The Ship Sail "Enterprise"
  • The Great American West: Seen Transporting Chinese Immigrants To America
  • Blackbeard: Prominent Role As Captain Hook's ship Jolly Roger

Visiting and Sailing On Lady Washington

Today people can go sailing on her at very modest prices. There are three kinds of sailing tours offered. These are:

  • Evening Sailing
  • Adventure Sailing
  • Passenger Sailing

And the costs:

  • Cost of Evening Sailing: $39.00 Per Adult
  • Cost Of Adventure Sailing: $69.00 Per Adult
  • Sailing Season: Year-Round

Dockside tours are also available for those not wanting to actually go sailing on Lady Washington. For more information on sailing times and the costs of sailing, check out their website at Historical Sea Port.

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  • Ports: Around 40 West Coast Ports Take Part in The Voyage Of Explorers With The Lady Washington

The Grays Harbor Historical Seaport is focused on education and is offers many educational experiences for students from around the country. This is a learning experience that just can't be replicated in any classroom. Visiting Lady Washington, students no only learn about maritime history but also the history of Pacific exploration and trade. Every year she welcomes thousands of students along the coast in ports that she calls into. See here for another educational Martine tour, this one of the Pearl Harbor Memorial and Museum.

Education doesn't get any more fun than sailing on Lady Washington!

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