Some people really love traveling on airplanes, and others don’t seem to enjoy it quite as much. Nevertheless, it is a fast and (usually) very safe way for a person to get from one place to another, and it is also very convenient.

While most people only ride on airplanes every now and then, the people who work in that line of work have to do it all the time. Those who have this kind of career definitely have a different lifestyle than those who do not, due to the fact that they usually work some really unique hours.


Being a flight attendant can be particularly interesting. According to, this is a really demanding line of work to be in. There are some airlines that flight attendants love, and some that they claim could use a bit of improvement. Here is what some flight attendants are saying about their experiences when working with United Airlines.

The Benefits Are Pretty Good

Being a flight attendant is not easy, and it can often be quite a demanding job for one to have. This kind of work is very difficult at times. But apparently people who work for United Airlines get some really good benefits.

According to, that is one of the things that makes this job a great one. There are many flight attendants who enjoy some decent benefits. While those benefits might change depending on which airline a person works for, they are usually offered things like a very flexible work schedule, as well as some bonuses. Another benefit that all flight attendants get is the ability to see various places all around the world. That is not something that many jobs allow, and it really makes this kind of work worth it.

The Hours Are Not That Great

According to, there are some flight attendants who are saying that United Airlines does not offer their flight attendants very good hours. This is probably not much of a surprise, but being a flight attendant is not like having a regular job.

They tend to have a very unique schedule that isn’t always that great. While most other people get to take some time off on the weekends or on holidays, that is not always something that a flight attendant can do.

Another thing that some people might not know is that not all of a flight attendant’s job takes place on an airplane. Like everyone else, they have to go through things like security checks. They also have to clean when flights are over, which is not something everyone takes into consideration.

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Flight Attendants Don’t Always Get Enough Sleep

Getting sleep is important for many reasons, one of which is the fact that a person cannot do their job as efficiently as they should when they do not get enough of it. There are some jobs that do not allow a person to get enough sleep, and being a flight attendant is one of those jobs.

According to, one of the big complaints that some people have about working for United Airlines is that they often are not able to get much sleep between their shifts. Working after sleeping only a few hours is possible, but doing it often is not good for anyone, as it can cause a lot of issues. Sometimes their flight attendants get less than six hours of sleep.

The Managers Are Not Always Fun To Deal With

While some managers are great and there are lots of people who love them, there are also some managers that are much less fun to deal with. Also, that seems to be the case for a lot of companies. Flight attendants are not the only ones who have to deal with this kind of thing. But according to, poor management is one of the things that can make being a flight attendant for United Airlines rather unpleasant.

Some of the people who have worked as a flight attendant there claim that there is a great deal of unnecessary drama that goes on behind the scenes because of the managers. Dealing with things like that is never fun, and it can definitely make a person’s job much harder to do.

It’s Stressful

There are many jobs that are extremely stressful, and according to some of the things that current and former flight attendants have said on, being a flight attendant for United Airlines is definitely one of them. There are a lot of things that could contribute to the stress a flight attendant feels.

Apparently, some of the things that make working at United Airlines stressful include a lack of good opportunities for flight attendants, as well as the fact that they claim that the popular airline is not very consistent.

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