There are lots of people who go on cruises every year. Cruises can be pretty fun and overall enjoyable for the people who only get to go on them every now and then, but going on one every day for long periods of time can be a different story entirely.

To work on a cruise ship, one must lead a really unique (and sometimes unpleasant) lifestyle. According to, one of the things that a lot of cruise line employees do not love about their job is the food that is served on the ships they work on.


In fact, some of them tend to keep some simple treats that require little to no work to prepare. But they also have some good things to say about that kind of work as well. Here are some of the things people have said about what it is like to work for Norwegian Cruises.

It’s A Good Way To Get Further In One’s Career

There are a lot of jobs out that do not offer their employees much as far as advancing further into their chosen career goes. But according to what some Norwegian Cruises employees have said on, that is not the case when it comes to this company.

It seems as though some of the employees who have worked with them were given great opportunities that really helped them learn a lot and get further in their careers. No matter where a person works, that is something that can actually make any type of job better. People usually do not want to have positions that they will feel stuck in. Advancing there is not hard, as long as the person in question works very hard, as hard work does not go unnoticed there.

The Hours Are Really Long

Just like any other line of work, there are a lot of drawbacks, even when a person gets to travel around the world on a cruise ship all the time. According to some of the things employees are saying about Norwegian Cruises on, one of the major drawbacks to working with them is the fact that long hours are usually involved.

Some of the people who work for them are on the clock for ten hours at times. They also do not get very many vacation days. Another problem that some of them face is low pay, which is definitely not fun for those who have to work that many hours each day.

The Managers Are Not Fun To Work With

Having a good manager is something that is very important, but some cruise lines do not have the best managers. According to, one of the things that people who work for Norwegian Cruises have to deal with is poor management.

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Some of the people who have worked there claim that the managers do not treat some of the employees very well, which is not something anyone should have to deal with at their job. When people feel as though the hard work they are putting into their job is appreciated, they are usually more than willing to do very well at their job, and they might even help out some of their co-workers when it is needed.

Things Go At A Fast Pace

There are numerous jobs out there that require the people who have them to work rather quickly, and it turns out that working on a cruise ship is definitely one of those jobs. This means that people who like to perform tasks at a very leisurely pace will likely not enjoy that kind of work, and they may not get very far in their career with it, either.

According to, one company that definitely needs its’ employees to work really quickly is Norwegian Cruises. There are a lot of jobs a person can have with this company, but it does seem that pretty much all of them are going to require fast movement, as well as some really swift decision making.

Introverts Probably Won’t Like Working For Them

One of the things that one needs to take into consideration when working for a company like this is the fact that they will likely need some really good social skills. That might seem like something people could use in most positions, but that is especially true for those who work for Norwegian Cruises.

According to, the people who work for this company have to have many conversations with other people. Socializing is a big part of the job, so this is really not something an introvert would like to do. Another interesting thing people say about this line of work is that it can help a person save a lot of money since they often spend many hours working.

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