Serbia is an incredible country in Europe's Balkan Peninsula. Today it is a landlocked European state and an often forgotten destination. It is a country filled with history, time, forests, old cities, and its capital, Belgrade, is known as one of the party destinations of Europe. Belgrade is a stunning city, boasting many old and historic buildings and neighborhoods. And it rests gracefully on the mighty Danube River of Europe. At night, the city comes alive, and the partying starts and goes on all through the night.


Serbia: The Facts

  • Population: Around 7 Million
  • Capital And Largest City: Belgrade
  • Currency: Serbian Dinar
  • Independence: 1878 (From Ottoman Empire)

Kosovo And Things To Be Aware Of

For travelers visiting Serbia, it is important to know that there is a dispute over the region of Kosovo. It has declared independence from Serbia but Serbia does not recognize it as an independent country. One can travel to Kosovo without issue from Serbia, but there may be problems if the traveler enters Kosovo from a third country. Serbia may see it as entering its land without permission. One of the most important things to bear in mind is that emotions can run high on both sides. It is best to avoid this topic of independence while one is there.

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One other tip to be mindful of is that Serbia was bombed in the 1990s by the American-led NATO interventions in Bosnia and Kosovo. Today there is generally no problem, but visitors should be aware of the area's history. The vast majority of people are very welcoming and friendly, and Serbia is very safe today.


Belgrade is a stunning city, and this is the main port of entry into this rewarding country. One of the must-do things in Belgrade is exploring the old historic part of the city. Some of the main attractions are:

  • Nikola Tesla Museum: Nikola Tesla Was One Of The Greatest Scientists, He Was An Ethnic Serb Who Grew Up In What Is Now Croatia But Moved To America (All Countries Claim Him As Their Heritage)
  • National Museum: The National Museum Showcases All Of Serbia's History And Is A Must
  • National Theatre: Then National Theatre Is A Great Chance To See The Culture Of Serbia
  • Republic Square: This Is The Center Of The Old City And Leads Off To The City's Pedestrian
  • Belgrade Fortress: This Fortress Is A Massive Area And Over Looks The Sava And Danube Rivers. It Hosts An Outdoor Military Museum And Much More

Nightlife In Belgrade

Belgrade is located on the Danube where the Sava River flows into the Danube. The Sava River divides the city and on the other side of the Sava River is New Belgrade. This is where much of the nightlife is located. One of the nightlife hotspots is on the Spomen Park that runs along the New Belgrade side of the Sava River.

The bank of the Sava River here is lined with clubs that party all night long and have a reputation all across Europe. Many of the clubs along here are on boats and floating structures along the Sava's bank. Partying in Belgrade is fun and often a different experience from what most people may be used to in America or Western Europe. Serbia is culturally more Eastern European and the flavor is correspondingly different to that of Western Europe.

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Some of the clubs that dot the bank are:

  • Splav Kartel Club
  • Na Vodi Kafana Club
  • Klub Shlep
  • Port Night Club

Serbian Monasteries

There is of course much more to see in Serbia. Serbia is home to some stunning national parks all over the country. Some of the most important sites to Serbians (and many Eastern Europeans) are the national cathedrals and monasteries. If one visits Kosovo, then be sure to check out some of the Serbian monasteries there.

  • Gracanica Monastery: In Kosovo
  • Church Of Saint Sava: In The Heart of Belgrade
  • Zica Monastery: A Monastery Complex With More Than 8 Centuries Of History
  • Manasija Monastery: A Jewel Of Serbian Medieval Culture
  • Visoki Decani: Known For Its Astonishing Frescos

Novi Sad

Novi Sad is the capital of the autonomous region of Vojvodina. Vojvodina is an ethnically diverse region with many Hungarians and other ethnic groups there. Novi Sad is a beautiful city but much smaller than Belgrade. It is well worth exploring this city and staying one or two nights. While most of Serbia gained independence from the Ottoman Empire, Novi Sad was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It is interesting to compare Belgrade and Novi Sad and feel the difference in influence on these cities.

Serbia is a great country and one everyone should visit given the chance.

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