Quetzalcoatl was one of the main Aztec gods, the name means "Feathered Serpent" and was from the Nahuatl word for the quetzal bird (and "coatl" meaning serpent").  Today tourists can stay at accommodation made for this serpentine god. Just a short drive out of downtown Mexico City and nestled amongst the woods is some very unusual accommodation such as few have ever seen.

This unusual Airbnb is ideal for those looking to be out in nature and enjoy the silence and the tranquility of the woods. It is a therapeutic accommodation and its botanical gardens are perfect for those needing some R&R. It is ideal for yoga, meditation, writing, or just looking for a stunning retreat.


About The Accommodation

The accommodation has been inspired by the mythical Quetzalcoatl god and was completed in 2006. Originally it was designed as a large 10 bedroom resident apartment. It is set in a large 44-acre park complete with caves and ponds. Now a number of these rooms have been transformed into Airbnb rentals and are popular for those looking for something completely different. It is often visited by Instagram influencers.

The whole building is in the shape of the mythical serpent and it winds through the trees as a real-life giant snake would. The building is replete with shades of bridge colors like emerald green, cerulean, and orange. The structure is the complete serpent extending from the head to the tail. So come on into the belly of this beast! Even the rooms are connected by tunnels and there are no doors in the building (except for the main entrance).

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  • Bonus: Because Of The Surrounding Woods, The Temperature Is Cooler Than In The City

It was designed by the architect Javier Senosiain and is a testament to how mythology and architecture can be interwoven together to create something truly unique. It also showcases the best of original Mexican design and creativity. Staying here is like being in a fairy tale and is likely to inspire folks to read up on their Aztec mythology. Mexico City is founded on the capital of the former Aztec Empire. The Aztec city was founded by the Mexica people and it was called Tenochtitlan and was an incredible city when the Spanish first arrived. Tenochtitlan is believed to have been founded back in 1325 AD.

It is situated in Naucalpan de Juarez just to the north of Mexico City. It is even possible to get a private tour of the botanical gardens.

It is also a convenient location being only around 30 minutes drive from the city and there is a shopping center near to the Nest. For a completely different sort of attraction, there is also the Basilica de Los Remedios - it is one of the oldest churches in Mexico or anywhere in Latin America.

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  • Hostess: The Hostess Is Patricia

The design of the accommodation works with the uneven shape of the land and is spread over 16,500 square feet. It is a design that works to cause minimal impact to the environment while pulling inspiration from nature. Amazingly, the surrounding site is barely touched by the large structure. It is truly amazing to see how these ambitious projects actually can be pulled off. Alterations to the site were mostly for safety reasons or for structural engineering of the building. As one walks along the walkways, one sees beautiful views of the canyons and ravines of this rugged site. It is the perfect spot for a snake god to hang out.

Staying At Quetzalcoatl's Nest

Staying at Quetzalcoatl's Nest doesn't come cheap, but who would expect the accommodation of the gods to be cheap? That being said they aren't out of normal pe These curvaceous apartments are $358.00

  • Rooms: 4 Bedrooms (Plus One)
  • Number Of People: 10 People
  • Includes: Laundry Room, Bread, Fruit, Coffee
  • Garden Hours: 9.00 am to 5 pm
  • Cost Per Night: $358
  • Check Out: 2 pm
  • Pets: Not Permitted
  • Note: Not Suited To Guests With Restricted Mobility (It Has Stairs)

Quetzalcoatlus The Pterosaur

On a fun side note, this isn't the first time that the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl has inspired something cool. It is was also the name given to a monster-sized pterosaur from the Late Cretaceous people of North America called Quetzalcoatlus. This massive flying pterosaur (and for a long time there was a dispute if it could have flown) was the size of a giraffe. Imagine a bird the size of a giraffe flying!

For anyone planning to visit Mexico City who feels in the mood for god-inspired accommodation, then the Quetzalcoatl's Nest is a great chance to immerse oneself in the mythology of the past. As a bonus, it's eco-friendly too!

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