The Dubai Mall is massive and it is luxurious. It is the most visited shopping mall anywhere in the world, indeed it was reported to be the most visited building in the world in 2011. It is part of the 20 billion dollar Downtown complex that includes the Burj Khalifa - the tallest building in the world.

It is so large that there are taxi buggies to shuttle shoppers around the mall. Among the many attractions, the mall boasts is an aquarium for diving and an indoor skating rink. It is centrally placed in the heart of Dubai, while here explore around the Mall and see the luxury and splendor of the city. Just wait for the evening in the cool of the day. Dubai is not all about malls, see here for other things to do in Dubai.


About The Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is the definition of opulence and luxury. It has been built with no expenses spared.

  • Retail Floor Area: 502,000 Sq Meters
  • Number Of Visitors: 84 Million
  • Date Opened: 2008
  • Number Of Retail Stores: 1,200
  • Number Of Food And Beverage Outlets: 200

How To Get To The Dubai Mall

Getting to The Dubai Mall is very easy and straightforward. The easiest way is via The Dubai Metro. The Dubai Metro is very efficient, modern, and comfortable. The nearest metro stop is the Burj Khalifa/The Dubai Mall station and that is an easy walk to the mall. The weather is often super hot in Dubai, so many people would not like to walk at all in the heat. In that case, there is a feeder bus service dropping people off at the mall directly. See here for pics of the world's tallest buildings of which the Burj Khalifa is the tallest.

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Access to the Mall is via the Metro Link Bridge from the metro station. The Metro Link Bridge is airconditioned so one can walk from the metro to the Mall without having to go into the blistering sun and scorching desert heat. The Metro Link Bridge closes at night, its hours match that of the mall.

Opening Hours:

In many Middle Eastern countries, Friday is a weekend day and Sunday is a normal working day. The Mall's opening hours reflect that.

  • Hours Open: 10:00 am - 11:00 pm Sunday to Wednesday, 10:00 am - 12:00 am Thursday to Saturday

Notable Precincts And Attractions In The Dubai Mall

Just next to the Mall is The Address Dubai Mall - a 5-star premium hotel with 244 rooms and 449 serviced residences.

Some of the most fashionable and luxurious shopping is in the Mall's Fashion Avenue. This includes Galeries Lafayette and Bloomingdale. For jewelry, accessories, handicrafts, and traditional Arab clothing, check out the Souk shopping precinct in the Mall.

One of the more unusual features of the Mall is a full Lake Jurassic Diplodocus skeleton on display. The Diplodocus was one of the giant long-necked dinosaurs that one lumbered across the earth. It measures 24.4 meters long and 7.6 meters and dates from 155 million years ago. It is the real skeleton and not a cast, so not everything in the Mall is new and modern!

One of the most iconic parts of the Mall is the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, this is one of the largest aquariums in the world, and it's right here in the Mall. It holds thousands of marine life - including rays and sharks. It has been built with a 270-degree acrylic walkthrough tunnel for people to really get up close and see the beautiful fish and other animals in the tanks. Additionally, it has a 'lunar-cyclic' lighting system that changes the ambiance of the tanks to match the mode at the time of the day.

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If one is in the scorched desert of the Arabian Peninsula, it's only natural (sic.) to go ice skating. Dubail Mall is also home to an Olympic-sized Dubai Ice Rink that even hosts international events. It has seating for 350 and is a family-oriented attraction in the Mall. There are learn-to-skate programs and cafes on-site making it ideal for families with children. It is a great way to add variety to one's stay in Dubai!

Other noted shopping precincts of the mall include the Level Shoe District that offers a full range of luxury and contemporary shoes for the decerning shopper. And then there's The Village which is a relaxed and informal part of the Mall with an emphasis on denim brands for active lifestyles.

And then there's dining. In this Mall, one can just about find any type of food or beverage imaginable. With its over 200 outlets, one can enjoy traditional Arab foods, Chinese food, Indian cuisine, French cuisine, Mexican cuisine, and everything else. The restaurants range from fine dining to casual and many of the restaurants are elaborately themed.

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