Let’s face it: train travel is one of the most romantic ways to travel. Nothing beats the feeling of watching the world rush by outside the window of a speeding train as it carves its winding way through the countryside—nothing, that is, except for traveling in style on one of the most famous trains in both the real (and fictional) world. And this, of course, is the famous Orient Express—popularized by Agatha Christie in both novel and movie form, the legendary train journey’s real-life counterpart is just as luxe as Christie’s version (though without the mystery, mayhem, and detective par excellence Hercule Poirot of course). Instead, this version, dubbed the Venice Simplon-Orient Express, is ready to welcome visitors on an unforgettable trip back in time on one of the most memorable train rides this side of fiction.


Launched in 1982, Belmond has been offering its travelers the ultimate in luxurious train travel throughout Europe; however, this year, the exclusively elegant train is offering guests a truly unique experience on the tracks: a chance to celebrate the 250th anniversary of créme de la creme champagne and iconic bubbly brand Veuve Clicquot with an unforgettable journey from France to Venice. Elegant, picturesque, and incredibly romantic, this anniversary run is just the latest on the Venice Simplon-Orient Express’ extensive resume—however, it’s destined to become the stuff of legend, a jewel in the crown of the already famously luxe, time-traveling train.

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About The Veuve Clicquot Anniversary Journey

A legendary journey into the past awaits guests who book the exclusive trip from France to Venice on the Venice Simplon-Orient Express—and here are just some of the perks for those who want to take this enchanting ride. The following perks are for all guests, excluding the stay at L’Hôtel du Marc and Reims pre-trip which is exclusive to those who book the Grand Suite experience.

  • A historic ride on the Art-Deco bedecked and over-the-top elegant midnight blue cars of the Orient Express, including access to a sumptuous cabin and sophisticated culinary experiences aboard one of three dining cars
  • An immersive tour of the Veuve Clicquot cellars in Reims, France
  • Exclusive accommodations in Veuve Clicquot’s private hotel L’Hôtel du Marc (France) and Hotel Cipriani on Giudecca Island (Italy)
  • Lavish events, parties, and balls throughout the journey both on and off the Orient Express that celebrate the ‘solaire’ culture of Veuve Clicquot
  • Awe-inspiring scenery and picturesque vistas of the European countryside
  • Immersive entertainment and music and bar carriage with mixologist and pianist
  • Private in-cabin dining and 24-hour butler service
  • The Details: Grand Suite Experience is from June 4, 2022 through June 7, 2022 and is approximately $46,000/per two people. For details on the cabin, twin, or single cabins visit the Belmond website

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Oh, The Places You’ll Go

While the journey aboard the Orient Express is the star attraction of this unforgettable experience, it’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to everything guests will be able to see and do along the way.

The Reims Experience

On the first day of the itinerary, Grand Suite guests will travel in style to Reims, home of Veuve Clicquot—and its private hotel set in a 19th-century mansion. Luxe, historic, and a literal maison worthy of the iconic brand, L’Hôtel du Marc does not generally open its doors to the public—the exception being the celebratory weekend and one-night stay privy to only those exclusive Orient Express Grand Suite passengers. After a walk around the stunning property, guests will also enjoy a sumptuous dinner hosted by Veuve Clicquot’s cellar master Didier Mariotti (and plenty of champagne, of course!) The next day at Reims is open to all guests and includes a tour of the amazing property’s wine cellars set amid its labyrinthine limestone tunnels—which is also the setting for an immersive lunch complete with wine pairings (also with cellar master Didier Mariotti).

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All Aboard The Orient Express

After a lavish day at Veuve Clicquot, guests will be spirited away aboard the legendary Orient Express to enjoy the iconic train’s elite hospitality—an Art-Deco haven full of luxe details and beautiful boutique bonhomie. While aboard the Express, guests will enjoy delicious dinners and champagne pairings; themed parties; spectacular scenery; and a chance to find their inner flapper as they travel back in time amid the luxe surroundings and the Alpine landscape visible outside their windows. After a celebratory breakfast and a brief stop at Innsbruck, the train continues through some of its most heart-stopping vistas through the Italian Dolomites, before alighting at the final stop in Venice.

Vive Le Venice

After a delicious lunch aboard the Express, guests will arrive via water taxi to the elegant accommodation Hotel Cipriani on Giudecca Island. A luxury hotel with amazing views of either beautiful Venetian waterways or the adjoining 15th-century Palazzo Vendramin; uber-luxe lodgings, and private balconies and terraces are just some of the perks that await guests of the Cipriani. After sipping an early cocktail while soaking up the scenery, guests will then be treated to an enchanting and elegant gala dinner, followed by a ball worthy of Hercule Poirot himself. After a night of dancing and quaffing champagne, guests will retire to their sumptuous rooms for a restful night’s sleep filled with dreams of 1920s glamour. On the third day, the enchanting experience comes to a close with yet another fabulous meal—this time, breakfast at the Hotel Cipriani.

An unforgettable and magical experience awaits passengers who book a tour on the Venice Simplon-Orient Express this June to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the iconic champagne Veuve Clicquot. But the legendary train ride is just the tip of the iceberg, as this once-in-a-lifetime journey also includes a tour of the historic Veuve Clicquot cellars and a number of sumptuous meals; fabulous parties; and gala celebrations worthy of the famous Orient Express. And those who can’t make this enchanting tour need not worry—there’s still a chance to ride the titular train on one of its other European adventures throughout the year; a journey worth taking at least once to experience the majesty and grandeur of the Venice Simplon-Orient Express.