Warwick Castle is located in the Midlands of England around an hour or so drive north of London. It traces its history back to William the Conqueror just a couple of years after the Norman invasion of England in 1066. Originally, Warwick Castle was a wooden fort that developed into a powerful stone castle before it was converted into a home after it became obsolete as a castle. Today it is one of the main medieval attractions in England and offers a whole range of activities and shows - particularly catering for families. It is one of the best medieval experiences in England today.


History Of Warwick Castle

It was originally built in 1068 by William the Conqueror after he overran Anglo-Saxon England. It was refortified during the Hundred Years War with France and continued as a strong point until 1604. By this time it was becoming vulnerable to cannon fire and King James I granted it to Sir Fulke Greville. Greville then proceeded to convert it into a country house. It remained in the Greville family (who became the Earls of Warwick in 1759) all the way up to 1978. And so a whopping 374 years of Greville family ownership came to an end.

  • Fun Fact: King James Commissioned The Writing Of The King James Bible In 1604

Not all the walls are large as the castle takes advantage of natural defenses like the neighboring river and cliff.

It has been a tourist site with individuals visiting the castle since the end of the 17th century. Even Queen Victoria visited in 1858. That being said by 1885 it would seem that the Earl was getting tired of visitors and closed it to visitors. But by 1900 it was once again open with a ticket office with some visitors observing that its armory on display was second only to the famed Tower of London.

In 2001 the British Tourist Authority declared it as one of Britain's "Top 10 history houses and monuments". Other lists have named it as Britain's best castle.

Warwick Castle Attractions, Show And Prices

Today, Warwick Castle provides a real trip into the past and has many dungeons, wax figures, displays of knights preparing for war, massive tapestries, shows, employees dressed in traditional garb, and much more.

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The castle is angled toward family outings but it's a must-see for anyone visiting England. Some of the shows that are included in the general admission ticket (according to their website) include:

  • The Falconer's Quest - the UK's largest birds of prey show
  • Zog and the Quest for the Golden Star
  • The newly expanded Horrible Histories Maze
  • Our Towers, Walls, and Ramparts
  • 64 acres of beautiful grounds and gardens, including Pageant Field, the Peacock Garden, and Central Courtyard

The Falconer's Quest is a very interesting show with the falconer providing a very interactive show with his falcons and other birds.

  • Price Of General Admission: £20-26 ($28-35) Depending On The Day
  • Rainy Day Promise: If It Rains You Get To Visit Again For Free

Warwick Castle even provides the option of making it a day and a night experience and you can glamp overnight in medieval themed camps.

Medieval Glamping:

  • Cost: From £224 ($308) Per Person
  • Family: From £47 ($65) Per Person Reckoning on A Family Of Two Adults And Two Children
  • Included: One-day Warwick Castle entry tickets (And Discounted Second Day Tickets)
  • Entertainment: Access To Extra Themed Entertainment
  • Location: Within The Castle Grounds
  • Breakfast: Complimentary Continental Breakfast
  • Free: Car Parking
  • WiFi: Unlimited (It's Not Too Medieval)

Warwick Castle Dungeons

One of the main draws of Warwick Castle is its dungeons. The dungeons here are an engaging and immersive experience. These dungeons will take you through 300 years of Warwick's darkest history. It is scary but entertaining and educational for the children. You enter the dungeon passing through time with the "Monk". Watch out for the Torturer and the Judge inside who decides people's fates.

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Some things to keep in mind, the Castle Dungeon is not really well suited to those who get scared too easily, nor is it suitable for kids under 10 years old. Any minors under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

  • Tip: Avoid The Castle Dungeon If You Are Claustrophobic

This is an immersive experience to jump scare and have fun. Caution is given for pregnant women, those with heart conditions, those with lung conditions (the dungeon used smoke effects and minor motion movements to liven the experience - also the lights are dim and the noise effects can be loud).

In short, Warwick Castle is one of England's best castles and the best way to have a fun time with the family immersed in the bad old medieval times. So pop on in next time you're in England!

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