Norway is world-famous for its eye-watering natural beauty and its fabulously high expenses. While Norway is renowned for its fjords, the iconic Trolltunga (Troll's Tongue) actually overlooks a lake. It is a long and arduous hike but one that is well worth it. It is also a hike that needs to be planned in advance as the season for hiking is only for a few months of the year the trek is difficult for inexperienced hikers.

While in Norway be sure to discover their stunning fjords - both Norway and New Zealand are known for having some of the most spectacular fjords in the world. But remember to budget! Norway is famously one of the most expensive countries in the world to visit.


About Trolltonga

The Troll's Tongue is a part of a rock formation around 1,100 meters or 3,600 feet above sea level in Vestland in Norway. It hangs around 700 meters or 2,300 feet above the north side of Lake Ringedalvatnet.

The formation is young having only been formed around 10,000 years ago in the Ice Age (but the rock itself is ancient dating from the Precambrian period). During the Ice Age, the edges of glaciers extended up to the cliff and carved the rock. The water from the glaciers froze in crevices and broke large chucks off the mountain at there carried away by the glacier.

  • Height: 700 Meters or 2,300 Feet Above The Lake

In recent years the Troll's Tongue has become an Instagram and social media craze and its popularity has exploded. Before 2010 less than 800 people hiked to it annually, in 2016 over 80,000 made the trek.

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The Trolltunga Trail

To get to Trolltunga one must hike a 27 kilometer or 17 mile round trip from the village of Skjeggedal. The hike is challenging and takes at least 10 hours and the terrain is rough. One must plan in advance and carry adequate supplies as there are no shelters or supply points en route.

  • Trail Length: 27 Kilometers or 17 Miles Return
  • Duration: At Least 10 Hours
  • Elevation Gain: Around 1,100 Meter or 3,600 Feet Gain (Depending On The Parking Lot)

From late September to June the terrain is often covered with ice and snow. It is accessible to experienced hikers and guided groups from mid-June to mid-September (although it does depend on the snowmelt).

  • Parking: Parking Costs 300 to 600 Krone Daily ($34.00 to $68.00)
  • Parking Lots: There A Total of Three Parking Lots At Different Elevations

Note: Parking Spaces Are Limited

From March treks are guided and in snowshoes or skis. The season for guided trips with snowshoes or skis starts in March. For another winter adventure, one of the most adventurous activities to do in Yukon Territory in the winter is to go dog sledding.

When hiking this trail one must check the weather conditions. In the summer and autumn, the weather is changeable and wind, rain, and dense fog can set in quickly. Pack the right hiking clothes as well as food.

  • Hiking Season: From 1 June to 31 August
  • Start Time: Start Hiking Before 8 am to Ensure Getting Back Before Dark
  • Winter Season: 1 October to 31 May (Go With A Guide)

Visit Bergen lists the following guidelines for the seasons.

  • 15 June -15 September: Recommended season (average year).
  • 16 September - 28 October: Recommend with a guide.
  • 29 October - 16 February: NOT recommended, highly dangerous.
  • 17 February - 14 June: Recommend with a guide (snowshoes).

On the route mobile phone coverage is patchy. One can also have the option of staying overnight. In Norway, one can camp almost anywhere and so one can bring their own tent.

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Guided Tours Of Trolltunga

The official Trolltunga website strongly recommends hiking with a guide - especially for folks with limited mountain hiking experience. Both Trolltunga Active and Trolltunga Adventures offer these guided hikes and they will ensure one's safety.

Classic Trolltunga Hike: For those wanting a guided tour to Trolltunga then the Classic Trolltunga Hike offers an experienced and knowledgeable guide.

  • Duration: 12 Hours 30 Minutes
  • Fitness Level: Moderate
  • Season: 1 June to 2 Oct

Winter Tour to Trolltunga: For those wanting something more adventurous, consider the winter tour to Trolltunga. In the winter, the landscapes look entirely different and it is certainly the experience of a lifetime. On the winter tours, one will arrive at Trolltunga at around 1 pm, and as a bonus one will have the Troll's Tongue almost to oneself.

  • Duration: 9 Hours, 30 Minutes
  • Fitness Level: Moderate
  • Season: 1 January to 31 May and 03 October to 06 November
  • Cost: From 1650 Krone ($185)


After hiking to Trolltunga one will be ready for a long night of deep sleep, but it will be an experience well worth it. It is now one of Norway's most iconic locations - even if it has only been iconic for the last 10 or so years.

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