Greece has some of the best food in the world, by both a Mediterranean standard and a comfort food standard. The flavors are bold, vibrant, and bright, and many of the country's traditional dishes are rooted in its history and recipes that have been handed down through generations. While the Christmas menu might not resemble what many of us are used to, it's a delicious alternative to that of more classic turkeys and hams. If you're looking to switch things up this year or just looking for a few different, unique sides to accompany the Christmas roast, these Greek dishes are everything we could ask for in terms of comfort and flavor. It's never too late to add a Mediterranean flair to your holiday table!



This tasty soup is the closest you'll get to experience a hug in a bowl. With a base flavor of bright lemon, this chicken soup is filled with rice, yummy carrots, and chicken, perfect for fighting off that winter chill and adding a bit of sunshine to an otherwise dreary winter. It's easy to make and is thick and creamy thanks to the clever use of eggs, and it's usually served as either a starter or a side during the holidays.


A traditional dish from Crete, Kalitsounia are small pastries that are usually baked or fried. They're filled with myzithra or ricotta cheese which serves as a creamy filling and they're the best two-bite appetizer you could have while waiting on the rest of the holiday meal. Simple, yet delicious is the motto with this small snack.

Lahanodolmades, AKA Stuffed Cabbage

Europe has seen its fair share of stuffed cabbage recipes, specifically from Germany and Poland, but Greece has its very own, and it's a little different. Okay, a lot different! Rather than a slightly sweet tomato sauce, this stuffed cabbage is actually topped with a lemon sauce, making for a light dish with a bit of citrusy zing. During the holidays, the cabbage leaves are representative of the cloth that baby Jesus was wrapped in.

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Pork Loin With Petimezi

This pork roast is extra delicious thanks to the petimezi glaze that's brushed over the top of it. The roast itself is flavored with garlic, orange, and rosemary, which are the perfect aromatics to accompany the petimezi glaze. The glaze itself is made with a base of grape molasses, adding a tangy and sweet flavor that creates a perfect balance between every other ingredient used to flavor the pork.

Roasted Leg Of Lamb

Lamb is such a huge part of Greek cuisine that it's not surprising to see a roasted leg of lamb on the table during the holidays. The lamb is usually flavored with herbs and served alongside roasted potatoes. The lamb is cooked in the oven at a low temperature for a long period of time so that when it's ready to be served, the meat practically falls off the bone without any effort at all.


If nothing else, most people are familiar with this Greek spinach and feta-filled pasty. Phyllo dough is the key player here, though, as it's the repeated layers of pastry that give this dish its classic crunch and crispiness. The filling is slightly salty with a bit of tang from the feta, with onions for a little sweetness and spinach for a hearty, healthy bite.

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Moschari Lemonato

This pork roast is traditionally cooked on the stovetop and is a great, savory alternative to many of the other holiday roast options. The cut of beef that's used is super affordable which makes it attractive to many, especially those who are feeding a crowd. The roast is flavored with garlic and is traditionally served with a lemon gravy.


Also known as Christ's Bread, Christopsomo is a very important part of a Greek Christmas celebration. This bread is made with walnuts and raisins and is flavored with various Greek spices, and eating it is just as much a tradition as making it. Before it's time to serve, every member of the family gathers around the bread to help hold it while the oldest member of the family cuts a cross on the top first, before cutting it into servings.


One of the most popular Greek cookies is melomakarona. These glazed cookies are sweet and simple, with a copious soaking in honey and a topping of chopped walnuts. They're commonly seen during the holiday season and out of any other cookie, these are the most likely to be featured front and center on the dessert table as they're a beloved favorite.

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