No one does winter in New England as the beautiful state of Vermont, which boasts more than 30 cross-country touring centers, 20 alpine ski resorts, and 7,300 acres of Alpine terrain. The state welcomes every season more than 4 million skiers and riders to its ski areas. Moreover, Vermont’s small towns all turn into fabulous Christmas-decorated spaces, with all their mountains covered in snow and people going outside to explore the white area.

In short, the state turns into a festive wonderland during the winter season with people flocking to Vermont despite the extreme weather conditions where temperatures fall to -16 degrees Celsius, and frequent snowstorms hit the area in December and January. However, the white snow makes the views even more magical and spectacular and gives people another reason to visit the beautiful state of Vermont during winter.


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Enjoying Vermont’s Top Winter Attraction: Fabulous Skiing

The most popular activities to undergo in Vermont during winter are cross-country and downhill skiing. The picturesque scenery and pristine white snow make Vermont the perfect state to practice the fabulous sport. Moreover, there are slopes for all ability levels, and the state is a dream destination for all snowboarders and skiers. Most people flock to the resorts in Stowe and Sugarbush, yet those who enjoy calmer and quieter places can head to Okemo Mountain or Jay Peak, where the locals usually go.

Since Vermont is home to the first rope tow in the US and many skiing and riding legends, it’s no surprise that the state is so much in love with Ski. For 2021, the ski areas will open as soon as 19 November, with Mount Snow in Stowe being the first one. Okemo in Sugarbush will follow on 20 November. The last area to open will be Queechee Club on 22 December. For people visiting Stowe for riding and skiing, It is recommended to stay at the Austrian-inspired Trapp Family Lodge, which boasts sweeping mountain views. Additionally, people staying at the lodge can practice cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and anything one wishes during a mountain escape.

  • Cost: One night in a deluxe room for 2 at Trapp Family Lodge starts at $275.
  • Recommended: Enjoy the brewery, the spa, and the fitness center at Trapp Family Lodge.

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Vermont Has Much More To Do Than Skiing, Though!

Many people visit Vermont in winter with no intention of skiing or riding. Instead, they want to enjoy the many other attractive activities that the state offers during this time of the year. One of those activities is horse riding, a popular magical thing to do in Vermont during winter. Heading out on horseback will allow people to explore the most mesmerizing views of the snow-covered trails. People can expect a picturesque sight of forests filled with thick snow and marvelous gurgling streams. Furthermore, Vermont offers horse riding equally for beginners and experienced jockeys.

  • Recommended: Experience unique horseback riding and sleigh rides with Lajoie Stables by reserving at (802) 644-5347.

Another equally engaging and fun activity to undertake in Vermont is to try out fat biking, which consists of touring the mountains aboard a thick-wheeled bike with wide tires resistant to sinking into the snow. Of course, many people prefer the traditional option and classic winter hike to the several accessible trails in Vermont. The state boasts 55 state parks where people can experience mountain hiking.

  • Recommended: Hitting the Spruce Mountain for a challenging hike or witnessing the unique ice sculptures in Clarendon Gorge while hiking the Clarendon Loop.

Vermont’s Winter Wonderland Never Ends

There are countless attractions to see in Vermont during winter and many activities to experience. For instance, people would love to benefit from the effects of the freezing temperatures in Vermont that have created many solid lakes and ponds perfect for practicing ice skating. The most popular destinations to practice this sport include the picturesque Lake Morey, surrounded by scenic mountain views. Visitors also get the rare chance to witness a bald eagle there. Another activity that visitors in Vermont can do is hitting the various shops in the state’s towns, which boast lively bars and excellent restaurants which keep the city dynamic and filled with festive vibes.

Towns that people should visit for shopping include Burlington, Stowe, and Manchester. For instance, the city of Burlington is home to the iconic Church Street Marketplace, which boasts an open-air mall. One of the most beautiful things to do in winter when in Vermont is to attend the Stowe Winter Festival in January to enjoy the fantastic local celebration of the winter season. Visitors will get the chance to enjoy an impressive ice carving competition, hot food and drinks, live music, and a lot of sporting activities. Due to the ongoing pandemic, it is not yet confirmed whether Stowe Winter Festival will occur in January 2022.

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