Skyscrapers have been a long-standing - no pun intended - symbol of both city life as well as money. Their flashy nature and attention-grabbing appeal is something that many cities pride themselves on, especially when the building is used for lofty business ventures. Their architecture is praised, much like that of the world's most brazen bridges, for its ingenuity and boldness.

The world has seen its fair share of extravagant construction and when you think about it, these modern architectural marvels are truly a work of art. They symbolize the advances of modern construction and how far the envelope can be pushed in order to make a statement. Skyscrapers are the designer outfits of the runway, the statement pieces on a suit, and the cherry on top of a (very tall) cake. They stand out for good reason, and around the world, skyscrapers have even surpassed mountains in their extraordinary heights.


Burj Khalifa, 2,716 Feet

Dubai is home to a whole host of amazing things to see, and this skyscraper is one of them. It towers at a stellar 2,716 feet. The amazing thing about this building is that not only does its height tower over everything around it, but it's also eco-friendly.

Its design takes influence from modern Islamic architecture and it stands as a symbol to the rest of the world of what a skyscraper can amount to. It also functions as part of the mass transit system of Dubai, serving an important purpose in the city's public transit.

Shanghai Tower, 2,073 Feet

Shanghai Tower is a stunning feature in China, sitting at a slightly vertigo-inducing 2,073 feet. What's so intriguing about this skyscraper is its design; as with everything else in China, the unique, twisting illusion the tower gives is innovative and modern in its architectural flair.

What's even more fascinating is that this design isn't just for show - it actually helps to aid in the stability of the structure against high-force winds... Isn't that comforting?

Makkah Royal Clock Tower, 1,972 Feet

In Mecca, The Makkah Royal Clock Tower was completed in 2012 and is home to 120 floors, spread over a height of 1,972 feet. Not only is this skyscraper the third-tallest in the world, but it's also home to four of the largest clocks in the world.

They're also the highest clocks in the world, meaning this tower is breaking a number of world records in its construction. It takes its place in the center of Mecca, serving as a place of worship for devout Muslims.

Ping An Finance Center, 1,965 Feet

Again, located in China, The Ping An Finance Center also makes the list of one of the world's tallest buildings. This building is still fairly new, completed in 2017, and is constructed completely of steel and glass.

The building itself is rather skinny, only adding more intrigue to the question of the structure's integrity - however, it's built on a solid foundation and, similar to the Shanghai Tower, also built to withstand tough weather and high winds.

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Lotte World Tower, 1,821 Feet

The Lotte World Tower is also located in Seoul, Korea, but this is only the world's fifth tallest skyscraper. That doesn't mean it's not impressive, though - at 1,821 feet, this building boasts 123 floors and is modern in its design, having only been built in 2017.

This skyscraper holds plenty of bragging rights as far as its purpose since it's home to luxury apartments, a high-end hotel, retail spaces, and office space. To push the envelope even further, a concert hall and cafe can also be located on its roof. Ready for more? This skyscraper has also been used as a launchpad for fireworks.

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