The previous year hasn't been easy for any airline, what with the fact that air travel came to a screeching halt coupled with new, necessary guidelines that put stress on both employees and passengers alike. Despite all of that, though, there was one airline that shined through the darkness that was transportation for some time: Qantas.

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It's not the first time that this major airline has been awarded the accolades of having the highest safety ratings of any flight service. However, COVID-19 restrictions left many airlines wondering how - and when - their flights would return to normal, and also left many wondering as to how they could make passengers feel safe for hours on end. Qantas has managed to do this and so much more, including having an outstanding flight safety record that's deserving of the airline's high praise. With the added stress of a pandemic, this airline has shown that safety can remain a priority for everyone involved.


How Safety Ratings Were Determined

The rating was determined by to be the safest airline for 2021 after its record preceded it in 2020. There are a variety of things airlines are judged by, however, including serious incident and crash records, aviation audits and audits from the government, industry-leading safety initiatives, and the overall age of the fleet. Qantas alone has an airline history that spans back a century, making it one of the oldest and longest-standing airlines with the best record of any other. Throughout that history, experts determined that a nearly flawless record over such a long span of time is a nod to the airline's professional experience and ability to learn and grow with changing aviation requirements.

One of the key points that allowed Qantas to keep its lead and remain ahead of others is its crucial role in the Future Air Navigation System, in which the airline is one of the leading developers. Its ability to monitor airlines in real-time as well as the ability to monitor both the airline's performance as well as those of its staff help to keep the airline one step ahead. The digital performance of the airline is second to none as well, thanks to the use of the Global Navigation Satellite System which helps in automatic functions such as landing and takeoff. Qantas is also known for being a front-runner when it comes to introducing new safety guidelines and it's been rare that the airline has not been an innovator in its field.

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This wasn't the only thing that kept Qantas in the lead, though - furthermore, the airline's staff has earned a tremendous reputation for their treatment toward passengers. Their ability to problem-solve, handle issues, and provide service that goes above and beyond what's typically expected have all help to shape their reputation.

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