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The Hudson Valley rises from Manhattan's tip all the way to Albany, the state capital, and stretches out on each side of one of the country's most picturesque rivers. Travelers will enjoy the enchantment of seaside towns and the energy of thriving cities, all of which are connected by lush farms that provide the area's farm-to-table eateries with sun-ripened fruits and vegetables, aromatic cheeses, and flavorful wines. The oldest winery in the country is still located in the Hudson Valley, which also produced the first wine in the country. In addition to vintners, there is an increasing number of distillers, brewers, and hard cider producers whose libations may be tasted on-site. This area was rated one of the Top 20 Best in the World Destinations by National Geographic Traveler because of its magnificent landscape, old houses, cultural riches, and distinctive attractions. Here are the prettiest fall towns in the Hudson Valley.


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Discover The Historical Tarrytown

This magnificent area is one of New York State's real gems and is located about 25 miles (40.23 Km) north of Manhattan. The historic Hudson River flows by it. Tarrytown was home to Native Americans and early settlers and has played a significant role in New York’s history. Today, the town preserves its ancient character while keeping up with the new trends. The picturesque village features both trendy taco eateries and coffee shops with centuries-old buildings. It is a touristic destination specifically in Fall, due to its magnificent sceneries and marvelous foliage.

  • Recommended hotel: Tarrytown House Estate
  • Location: 49 E Sunnyside Ln, Tarrytown, NY 10591-9500, United States
  • Cost: $192 per night for two persons in a king room

What To Do In Tarrytown

Tarrytown offers plenty of attractions to keep its visitors entertained. They can start their tour by Washington Irving's Sunnyside, which is mentioned in the classic Halloween book, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Fall is one of the greatest seasons to go since the venue hosts a scavenger hunt and a unique exhibit about the book. Tourists can also pass by Lyndhurst Mansion, a national historic landmark. They shall not miss crossing the iconic Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge, as well as seeing Tarrytown’s lighthouse, and attending the music hall.

  • Important event: Tarrytown Halloween Parade.

Get Tipsy On Hudson's Beauty

Although Hudson is frequently compared to Brooklyn in the Hudson Valley, it has much more to offer. The best time of year to travel to this magnificent village is in the fall when its foliage turns into fiery colors and suits Hudson’s vivacity. Small as a city, it is also a large cabinet of oddities; it is the type of place travelers need to explore with an open mind and a readiness to unearth secrets.

  • Recommended hotel: The Maker
  • Location: 302 Warren Street Hudson, NY 12534, United States
  • Cost: $900 per night for two persons in The Artist Studio

Interesting Activities To Do In Hudson

Tourists can walk Warren street, where they can see historical monuments, eat some tasty food, and shop. The area has several antique shops, and it is a paradise for visitors who are vintage treasures collectors. Next, they can go discover the Historic Hudson Opera House, the oldest theater in New York. Later, they can go see the marvelous lighthouse passing by Henry Hudson Riverfront Park, where they can picnic and watch boats.

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Spend Your Vacations In Cold Spring

Cold Spring is a little town nestled on the Hudson River to the north of New York City. Early in the 18th century, European settlers established this ancient village. The Cold Spring Historic District, which is located in the heart of the city, is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. As a famous weekend destination for New Yorkers, Cold Spring developed through time and finally turned into one of the wealthiest suburbs in the Hudson Valley for people looking to escape city life. It is praised now for its historic sites, lovely art galleries, mouth-watering restaurants, magnificent hiking trails, specifically in Fall, and other attractions on and near the river.

  • Recommended hotel: Hudson River House Inn
  • Location: 2 Main St, Cold Spring, NY 10516, United States
  • Cost: $339 per night for two persons in Riverview Suite Full Balcony

Fill Your Time In Cold Spring With These Activities And Attractions

Tourists can immerse in the magnificent fall foliage of the area by hiking the Breakneck Ridge Loop, Bull Hill, or other trails in Hudson Highlands State Park, all starting in Cold Spring. To rest, they can have a picnic at Foundry Dock Park while being embraced by the beauty of the park. For additional activities in nature, they can visit Stonecrop Garden and discover its seasonal flora. Tourists can also take a ferry to discover the ancient Bannerman Castle nestled on Pollepel Island. Finally, they can walk Cold Spring main street where they can shop, eat while watching live entertainment, and sip some coffee.