A bird's eye view isn't necessarily the first way travelers want to experience a location's natural beauty but Western Australia is breaking all of the rules. This region of the land down under is too beautiful for words and truly beyond any other in the world, but in order to appreciate nature and its stunning array, sometimes great heights must be achieved.

Spectacles such as the Horizontal Falls in Talbot Bay or Hellfire Bay in Esperance can only be fully appreciated when seen from the sky. Having a wide view of all these areas encompass and what happens there provides a glimpse into the true power and glory that is Mother Nature. Thankfully, plenty of images of these dynamic destinations have been captured on film (and video), so prepared to amazed.


Hellfire Bay

Despite its name, Hellfire Bay is not actually comprised of hellfire. Rather, its the red tone in the rocks that gives this gorgeous bay its name. The shading of the rocks is more easily seen from above as it contrasts with the bright blue water surrounding, making it one of the most dramatic coastlines in Australia in terms of a visual.

Upon closer inspection, it's easy to see that not only is this water perfectly fine - but it's also a set against a pure white sand beach. The water here is so clear that beach-goers can see straight to the very bottom.

Big Lagoon

An unusual sight for sure, Big Lagoon looks nothing like this from the ground. A unique lagoon situated in the middle of a vast land of vegetation, this lagoon is located in a place that looks otherworldly: Francois Peron National Park.

The trek up to the lagoon is truly wild, and hikers will need to traverse its red cliffs and terrain before reaching the welcoming blue shores of Big Lagoon. It's worth it, however; this lagoon is perfect for kayaking and camping.

Lake Hillier

Possibly the most well-known lake in the world due to its color, Lake Hillier gives off a pink hue year-round that has been attributed to a species of algae that lives within its waters.

While it's perfectly safe for humans, that's not the reason visitors aren't permitted to go swimming here. The lake is currently undergoing studies by researchers in order to further pinpoint its interesting pink hue, and therefore don't want tourism to interfere.

Mount Trafalgar

This spectacular mountain feature is incredible from the ground (or sea), but to appreciate its full 400 meters, it must be seen from a drone view. The mountain is not usually this vibrant red color, but when it's caught at sunset, it takes on the appearance of something completely different altogether.

Even when it's covered in lush greenery, this mountain plateau is just as beautiful. Towering high about the surrounding forest, it's unmistakable due to its sheer size, width, and shape.

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Horizontal Falls

The Horizontal Falls were called "one of the greatest wonders of the natural world" by David Attenborough, and anyone who has the chance to witness them in action tends to agree. This impressive waterfall is unusual in the sense that it changes direction according to the level of the tide.

When the tide is high, the waterfall flows one way, and when it's low, the direction reverses. Don't believe us? Check out the video below - it might not be from a bird's eye view, but it's definitely intense.

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