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The South of the United States has so many incredible, lovely, and distinctive sites to see. Since the southern states make up a sizable portion of the country, if vacationers intend to travel extensively throughout it, they will inevitably end up there. Whatever takes them to the South will be well worth the trip, whether they are on a southern road trip, visiting a particular state, or hoping to see another U.S. National Park. There are so many things to do there, from exciting, historically significant cities to breathtaking natural settings. As they explore what all these states have to offer, they will undoubtedly create some wonderful memories. One of the south’s incredible gems is the Natchez Trace Parkway which takes its visitors on a picturesque tour through 10,000 years of history, passing everything from prehistoric American Indian ruins to nineteenth-century historic stands. Extending to three states, Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee, it is divided into multiple wonderful parts to make it easier for tourists. Here is the prettiest part to explore.


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Discover The Most Beautiful Part Of Natchez Trace Parkway, Sunken Trace

The Natchez Trace Parkway's Sunken Trace pullout is the first place where drivers can observe how humans have transformed the scenery over thousands of years without having to walk very far from their cars. The sunken road phenomenon is unique to the Natchez Trace's southern sections. This area of the Old Trace has been severely degraded. The Natchez Trace's natural corridor extends back many centuries. It began as animal routes used by American Indian tribes long before the first European settlers arrived in the region. The rocky pathway was trodden underfoot by increasing numbers of passengers as the United States grew westward in the late 1700s and early 1800s. Thousands of pedestrians, horses, and carts wore down these routes into sunken areas where the ground was fairly soft with loess soil.

  • Location: Close to milepost 41

Where To Stay Next To Sunken Trace

Multiple hotels are available in the area. Therefore, here are some suggestions:

Enjoy The 5 stars, Isabella Bed & Breakfast

The historic Person Home, Isabella Bed and Breakfast, is a majestic 1880 Queen Anne house that is currently owned by husband and wife Phil and Bobbye Pinnix. It has beautiful stained-glass windows and, following substantial renovation, each bedroom now has a private bathroom.

  • Location: 1009 Church St, Port Gibson, MS 39150, United States
  • Cost: Isabella Bed & Breakfast offers different packages depending on the tourists’ celebrations; as an example, the Romantic Rendezvous Package includes one night for two persons with champagne or wine and sweets, and a full-service breakfast is for $169.

Time Travel By Staying At Collina Plantation Inn

Jane and Judge Volney Stamps constructed the antebellum Greek revival mansion known as Collina Plantation Inn around 1831. Visitors experience time travel as they drive to enter the remote, serene, thickly forested area.

  • Location: 100 Greenwood St Port Gibson, MS 39150, United States
  • Cost: $150 per night for two adults in Jane Stamps Room.

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Spend A Night In The Historic Canemount Plantation Inn

By staying in the 1829 Carriage House and taking use of contemporary facilities, guests can escape to the countryside and be transported to better days. The carriage house and the wrap-around gallery of the main mansion from 1855 are just two of the many locations on this historic property where visitors may relax in the fresh air. The hotel’s surroundings make it an excellent place to explore and take unique photos.

  • Location: 4003 Alcorn Rd Hwy 552 W, Westside, MS 39096, United States
  • Cost: $160 per night for two adults in a deluxe king room. The price includes an exceptional breakfast.

Hike Two Different Magnificent Trails

Sunken Trace trek is considered a moderately challenging trek that is great for hiking near Fayette, Mississippi. This road will embrace hikers with magnificent panoramas of fiery red, yellow, and orange foliage. It is a perfect spot for leaf peeping and a photo shoot.

  • Length: 2.6 Km/1.61 miles
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Duration: Around 36 minutes

Hikers shall not confuse Sunken Trace Trail and Sunken Trace. The latter is shorter and easier and is near Gibson, Mississippi. This trek is excellent for both walking and hiking. Dogs are permitted on it, but they must be leashed. Picnic tables, parking spots, and beautiful scenery are available in this hiking area to spend a day and get so much fun.

  • Length: 0.5 Km/0.31 miles
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Duration: Around 6 minutes

Get Ready For Hiking

Adventurers willing to spend their day at Sunken Trace and getting on trails shall get ready and pack all the necessary equipment for their day. First, they have to check the weather to determine what is best to wear. Then, some of the mandatory items to pack are their hiking boots, sunscreen even in fall, water, and safety equipment, including insect repellent. They shall not forget their cameras for foliage peeping and to take photos of their collected memories.