Historic towns will always have a level of charm that suburban and city neighborhoods won't have and this is what makes them great tourist destinations. For those lucky enough to live in one, there's nothing like waking up every morning and experiencing the serene beauty that a street full of historical significance can offer. Whether it's walking along the sidewalk taking in circa 1800s Victorian homes or jogging past brownstone homes that have lined a city street for decades, the experience is pretty magical.


It's not necessary to live in an old neighborhood in order to appreciate the charm these homes exude, and many can be experienced simply by booking a trip... Bonus points in the lodging accommodations are historic, too!

King William District In San Antonio, Texas

Along with being voted one of the best places to retire, San Antonio is also home to one of the most beautiful historic areas in the country, mainly in the King William District. Originally owned by the Mission San Antonio de Valero and used as farmland, this area dates back to its earliest inhabitants in the 1700s. However, the neighborhood itself gained popularity in the 1860s, quickly becoming a growing neighborhood for German immigrants.

During the late 1800s, the King William District gained a reputation as being one of the fanciest and most elegant neighborhoods in the immediate area. Many of the city's most extravagant mansions are still standing today and can be seen along the San Antonio River. The homes here are a mix of Italian architecture, the Greek revivalist movement, and fancy Victorian styles.

Montford Historic District In Asheville, North Carolina

When it comes to historic districts in Asheville - of which there are quite a few - the Montford Historic District is registered on the National Register of Historic Places and contains over 600 structures. While the area is walkable, it also spans over a whopping 300 acres, making this a large historic district as well as a beautiful one. However, those interested can sign up for a tour of the most historic areas of the district, featuring styles that range from Neoclassical to original Victorian.

Along with historic homes, Asheville was also home to famous figures and the tuberculosis hospital where F. Scott Fitzgerald's wife, Zelda, passed on can be toured, as well as the nearby cemetery where O. Henry and Thomas Wolfe are buried. Overall, Asheville is a great destination for history lovers and those who really want to get an intimate feel for the area's history and America's early literary legends.

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Garden District In New Orleans, Louisiana

The French Quarter gets plenty of popularity in New Orleans but it's the Garden District that holds much of its historic charm and beauty. The area gets its name from, obviously, the gorgeous gardens that line the streets and sit in between each property. These houses are part of the history of Louisiana but have also been renovated and remodeled to support the classic Victorian architecture this neighborhood is so well-known for.

It helps that the surrounding area - and New Orleans, in general - is also home to an unbelievable amount of history. The Garden District is near Lafayette Cemetery, which is known for its above-ground tombs which visitors are free to walk through or learn about through guided tours.

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Beacon Hill In Boston, Massachusetts

It's not surprising by any means that Boston is one of the most historic places in the country and Beacon Hill is the most historic neighborhood within the city. Boston dates back to some of the country's earliest-known records, and Beacon Hill has been home to many well-known creatives, including Sylvia Plath and Daniel Webster. Visitors to the area can walk along the same cobblestone streets as they take in each original brick townhome and houses that date back as far as the 1600s.

Those who visit Beacon Hill must take a stroll down Beacon Street, a road that dates back to 1708 and leads to Boston Common. Acorn Street gives a new meaning to 'ivy-covered walls' and is also one of the most popular streets in the city for photography.

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Historic Downtown District In Savannah, Georgia

Savannah is famous for its Spanish moss-covered trees but the Historic Downtown District has so much more to offer than picturesque walkways. Not only is the Historic Downtown District in Savannah home to traditional Victorian homes, but it's also home to some of the country's oldest gothic-style architecture. These homes dot the streets around town commons such as Chippewa Square and visitors can even take a ride on one of the last remaining streetcars.

Similar to New Orleans, visitors can take tours of historic Savannah, including ghost tours, which go into the 'haunted' history of the area. Normal history tours are available as well and are a great way to see the city without missing anything interesting.

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