It goes without saying as most of us have wads of $240,000 cash in our back pockets to burn through casually on hotels each night. So forget pauper's hotels like the $30,000 per night underwater "The Muraka" hotel in the Maldives. Ugh, virtual penny-strapped backpackers - and they call The Muraka luxury? In the 240k submarine hotel, no one is going to feel like a fish out of water in substandard accommodation.

No, the way to go is not having a room underwater, but a whole submarine. Starting from $240,000 one may just be getting the standard one deserves. A luxury submarine boasting beautiful marine life, the stunning blue hues of the ocean, and a private butler. Alternatively, stay at Hans Brinker Hotel - the worst hotel on earth - although it's still better than spending the night in an unmarked grave.


What To Expect For Quarter Of A Mil Per Night

Launch off in one's own luxury submarine and plumb the depths of the ocean. Enjoy the soundproof rooms and a private chef (who hopefully is at least a little qualified at chefing).

Dine one the exquisite meal of one's choosing - fit for love-struck honeymooners - something like "a complimentary gourmet aphrodisiac tasting menu of oysters, caviar, and chocolate fondant tinted subtly with the taste of pomegranate". It's not clear if fries are on the menu.

Sleep below the waves with a grin on one's face thinking of all the cash-strapped losers spending their nights above in their deluxe superyachts. This is one of the accommodations only for the billionaires of this world.

  • Included: A Captain, A Private Chef, And A Butler, And A Double Bed (Hopefully A Big One)

Other benefits include speedboat transfers with various optional add-ons. These can include helicopter transfers, a two-person shower (apparently), a beach landing, a free rose petal scattering service, or champagne breakfast in bed.

It isn't clear if beer is included or if one can easily get hold of one's favorite cheap brand of beer - like Budweiser. One thing that isn't included in the flights - book those separately. So add another ten grand or more for first-class air tickets.

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The "Lover's Deep" Submarine

The underwater hotel is called "Lovers Deep" - so presumably, it's for the super-rich doing what super-rich lovers and love birds do. At the same time, with a name like that, maybe they wanted to be mean and rub it in the face of any mega-rich, but single, guests.

The underwater hotel can be moored near a beautiful coastal reef off the coast of St. Lucia where one can enjoy a real discovery channel TV program of gazing through the windows at the many brightly colored fish. Alternatively, it can be moored near a sunken battleship in the Red Sea. It's not clear if it's in the Caribbean or the Red Sea, or if it moves from one place to another, or if there's two of them.

  • Tip: Never Touch The Mini-Bar - Its A Rip-Off

The submarine is complete with open-plan interiors, a mini-bar (never touch the mini-bar, it's always a crazy rip-off! Never pay $10 for a candy bar!), and a two-person bathroom. The double bed is inviting with views of the ocean. So enjoy sleeping and doing what one does in bed while being gazed upon by scores of bored fishies.

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The Shroud of Secrecy

The luxury submarine hotel was launched by the British travel company, Oliver's Travels as part of their Mile Low Club. One can read about it on their website.

It is hard to see where one books or even makes inquiries about booking the submarine - possibly due to being so exclusive. Oliver's Travels have a blog article about the submarine but they fail to provide a link where on their website one goes to book it or call up about it.

We would like to say this is a one-of-a-kind accommodation. But given how difficult it is to find original information about it, who knows what other accommodation is out there for the stupidly rich?

While most websites are reporting that the price is $292,000 per night, which may be based on outdated exchange rates it seems the price is from £175,000, which as at the time of writing only translates to $240,000.

  • Zimbabwe Dollar: Due To Hyperinflation Zimbabwe Printed A $100 Trillion (Zimbabwean) Dollar Note (It Was Worthless)

How Much Is That? $240,000 USD Looks like Nothing To $100,000,000,000,000

This is the perfect destination to go with one's starry-eyed partner. On the other hand, if it's a couple's fight night, it could be a little disadvantageous as it may be difficult getting some air or going out for a cigarette. Being in the dog's house could mean spending the night with the butler.

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