The beautiful town of Sedona in Arizona is visited by more than 3 million tourists each year who come to witness the area's famous red rocks, hundreds of hiking trails, and steep canyon walls. Moreover, people get the chance to learn about the rich history of Sedona by visiting the Palatki Heritage Site. The Jeep tours are also fun to experience when in Sedona, and the town was voted as one of the top vortex sites in the world.

The Chapel of the Holy Cross is another known attraction that tourists love to visit in Sedona. The town is also home to the marvelous Verde Valley Wine Trail, Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village, and the magnificent Slide Rock State Park. However, the town's most scenic destination frequented by visitors for relaxation and other leisurely activities is the Crescent Moon Picnic Site, located in the Coconino State Park.


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Why The Crescent Moon Picnic Site Is Loved By So Many

The Crescent Moon Picnic Site is considered the number one photography site in Sedona. This is why many people visit the area to snap the best shots of the Catedral Rock with Oak Creek. However, it is worth noting that people can get the best views of Cathedral Rock before reaching Crescent Moon Picnic Site. Those spots are located on Red Rock Loop Road. The first one is Lover's Knoll, while the second spot is unnamed and has the following GPS coordinates: 34°50'43.2 "N 111°49'35.5 "W. The iconic Cathedral Rock can be photographed from several locations in Crescent Moon Picnic Site.

However, one place only offers the best views of Sedona's iconic landmark. This is where one can snap the perfect shot of the barn and Cathedral Rock. This spot can be easily reached by walking east into the grassy field towards Cathedral Rock. Another photography location in the Crescent Moon Picnic Site allows one to take photos of Cathedral Rock and Oak Creek simultaneously. This can be reached by walking past the barn to the end of the field, getting into the woods, and walking to the riverbank of Oak Creek. Other locations from which visitors can snap photos of Cathedral Rock include the Red Rocks, Buddha Beach, and the Oak Creek Crossing.

What To Know Before Visiting The Crescent Moon Picnic Site

Visitors to Crescent Moon Picnic Site should know that the length of their stay in this location in Sedona depends on why they're visiting. If they intend to take snapshots of Cathedral Rock and Oak Creek from all five photography locations on the site, they should expect to spend around 2 hours. If they want to enjoy a picnic lunch or dinner, go fishing, watch a sunset, and perform other activities in Oak Creek, they will spend at least half a day at Crescent Moon Picnic Site.

To snap the best shots of Cathedral Rock from Crescent Moon Site, one must go there in the afternoon, when the sun illuminates the west side of Cathedral Rock. Visitors to The Crescent Moon Picnic Site can also hike to Cathedral Rock by crossing Oak Creek. To do that, they must go to the Templeton Trail by taking the Red Rock Crossing Trail. This is where they will reach Cathedral Rock Trail, which leads up onto the iconic landmark. Hiking from Crescent Moon Picnic Site to Cathedral Rock needs between 2 to 4 hours. The roundtrip is 4 miles long and has 1,000 feet of elevation gain.

  • Additional information: The Crescent Moon Picnic Site is also known as Crescent Moon Day Use Site and Crescent Moon Ranch.
  • Cost: Those who want to access the Crescent Moon Picnic Site will have to pay $11 per vehicle for up to five people. Walk-ins pay $2 per person. The same fee applies for cars accommodating more than 5 people, where they will have to pay $2 for every additional passenger. Those who have the Red Rock Grand Annual Pass can enter the Crescent Moon Picnic Site for free.
  • Opening times: The Crescent Moon Picnic Site opens from 8 AM to dusk during the summer months.

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How To Spend Even More Time At The Amazing Crescent Moon Picnic Site

The Crescent Moon Picnic Site is not all about photography and Cathedral Rock. The site is a perfect destination to relax and soak up in the waters of nearby Oak Creek. Enjoying a picnic is a great thing to do there while laughing and lounging under the sun. Those who wish to book their event can do so in advance, where picnic tables and shelters will be already available in the place. Some people can also go fishing in Oak Creek.

The site is also equipped with water fountains and fully functional restrooms. All of that makes Crescent Moon Picnic Site a convenient and captivating destination where all the family members can enjoy when visiting Sedona.

  • Where to stay: After spending a splendid day at the Crescent Moon Picnic Site, staying at the nearby Sun Cliff Sedona or Cathedral Rock Lodge & Retreat is recommended.

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