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Located on the Big Island of Hawaii, Kazumura Cave starts in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and descends into Kilauea Valley. As one of the most geological spectacles in the world, the cave attracts scientific minds and students eager to learn more about Hawaii's volcanoes featuring lava plunge pools, quirky lava falls, and stunning stalactites.

The lava tubes stretch up to 40.7 miles, heightening the curiosity of history buffs and experienced cavers alike. Here is all a tourist needs to know before flowing their way around this lava-molded geographical wonder.


About Kazumura Cave

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Besides being the world's largest lava tube, the recently discovered Kazumura Cave also boasts a rich cultural and geographic significance. Every geology buff's dream is to discover the next unique phenomenon on the earth's surface. In 1993, Kevin Allred and Mike Meyer fascinated the world when they discovered a hole connecting the two caves that later was known as the longest continuous lava tube to date. Since then, Kazumura Cave has become a tourist attraction with numerous adventure-worthy underground sections.

The complex cave features numerous lava falls and overlying tubes that tell a tale of multistage development of volcanic activity. The structures are awe-inspiring, and tourists are allowed to take photographs of the lava blades, lava plunge pools, and dangling stalactites. In addition, these caves and tubes are home to species adapted to live in the dark, namely spiders and a variety of moth species.

Tours are led by the passionate Harry Schick, who heads the Kazumura Cave Tours. The three adventures available include The Lava Falls, The Pit Room, and The Maze Room. The tours are quite technical and can take one to eight hours. But four hours of discovery is the recommended duration.

  • Hours Open: 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday to Saturday
  • Tour cost: From $50 per person

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What To Know Before Visiting Kazumura Cave

Kazumura Cave is a must-visit Hawaii destination. So for tourists planning a trip to this unique destination on Big Island, here is some vital information worth considering prior to the visit.

The Cave Is Not For Everyone

A tour around Kazumura Cave is also an intriguing geology lesson, making it a paradise for curious travelers. The minimum age for visitors is 11 years. This age limit is based on safety, as the tour around Kazumura Cave involves walking over loose, rocky terrain and climbing ladders.

For a more stress-free trip, tourists who are claustrophobic or afraid of underground, enclosed spaces should inform the tour guide before the tour. Some interior parts of the cave are deep and dark, requiring tourists to use ladders and ropes to descend and ascend as they navigate. As a result, visitors with a fear of heights should avoid the tour or take a vertical training course one month before the trip.

Tour Information

The Kazumura Cave tours provide a vivid insight into volcanic development. Here are three categories of tours.

  • Lava Falls Tour: The tour ranges from easy to moderate, depending on the experience. The walk provides an inviting introduction to the cave, featuring delicate gypsum crystals.
  • The Pit Room. The 25-foot by 35-foot hole located on the cave's floor is the next stage of the tour. During this walk, tourists get to see lava-decorated ceilings as the friendly tour guide narrates the details of how they were formed. The century-old destination is safe to walk around and is home to intricate features that are almost impossible to believe are made out of rock.
  • The Maze Tour. This section is suitable for experienced cavers. The adventurous tour slopes toward the Sexton Maze and the Eureka Falls. The trip's highlight is the series of inclination spots that every tourist in the group must descend. First is the 10-foot drop at Mongoose Falls, followed by Eureka Falls, a 37-foot straight drop. Finally, a 30-foot drop featuring a double rope awaits any avid caver who made it to the end.

Safety Tips At Kazumura Cave

For first-timers to Kazumura Cave, the experience can be overwhelming. Despite the fun and adventure, understanding the cave's rules is essential to avoid injuries or other accidents. Here are a few safety tips tourists should keep in mind when exploring Kazumura Cave.

  • Tours at Kazumura Cave are available through reservation only. Therefore, early booking is recommended, and the best way to make the reservation is by phone.
  • Visitors are required to dress in long pants, closed shoes, and knee and elbow pads. However, gloves, flashlights, and hard hats are provided at Kazumura Cave.
  • Children are not allowed on the maze tour.
  • Eating is prohibited inside the cave. This is a conservation measure in the cave environment, as food droppings may attract bacteria and fungi that may harm creatures in the cave.
  • The cave's atmosphere is drippy, and the water droplets in some sections of the cave intensify during the rainy season. Therefore, carrying a heavy jacket is recommended.

Kazamura Cave is one of Big Island's most spectacular features. The destination is excellent for visitors who want to learn about Ancient Hawaiian history while being adventurous. With proper research and planning, the first-hand experience with these tubes is enough to make any tourist appreciate how the earth shifts and changes shape through time.