Gambling is one of the vices that draws people from the world over to Las Vegas. But Vegas is not the only place in the nation where one can go and indulge in their favored vices. While casinos are heavily regulated in NYC, there are a couple massive casinos that offer a wild ride. Resorts World NYC also has racetracks to make the experience all the more enjoyable and eventful.

It may come as a surprise to many, but the largest casino in the United States is not in Vegas or on the East Coast. It is in the seemingly unlikely state of Oklahoma just across the border from Texas. New Jersey's Atlantic City is also known as the "mini" Las Vegas of the East Coast.


Stay At NYC Largest Casino - Resorts World Casino NYC

It seems there isn't the same level of intense accommodation competition in NYC as there is in Las Vegas. While in Vegas one can find bedrooms for two for as little as $30 per night and easily for $100 per night in the biggest casinos on The Strip, rooms at Resorts World NYC starts at $369 per room per night.

  • Rooms: From $369 Per Night

Use their Sweet Suite Deals Package and get an overnight stay in a King Room and $50.00 credit that can be used at their Sugar Factory Queens.

If one is planning to visit Resorts World Casino NYC, check out their promotional and events page. They list out a range of great deals and events - like concerts and special horse race betting deals.

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Resorts World Casino New York City - The Largest NYC Casino

Of the two Casino giants of NYC (Empire City Casino and Resorts World Casino New York City), Resorts World is considered the largest. It has been recognized as the “Top Slot Revenue Generator in the United States” and attracted some 10 million visitors in 2012.

  • Size: 1,086,000 square feet
  • Location: Queens, NYC
  • First: NYC's First Legal Casino
  • Only: Only Casino Within The Five Boroughs

It is one of the few casinos in NYC metro area and the first legal casino in the Big Apple (according to JCJArchitecture it remains the only one within the five boroughs). It is located in Queens by the legendary Aqueduct Racetrack

The casino has four automated tables games to enjoy - Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, and Roulette (as well as plenty of slot machines).

The Aqueduct Racetrack New York City

Resorts World New York City is part of the Aqueduct Racetrack complex and first opened in 2011. The racetrack is a thoroughbred horse racing facility and is the only racetrack within New York City limits.

The races are normally held from late October/early November through April. It has three courses with the main dirt track having as circumference of 1+1⁄8 miles.

  • When: late October/early November through April

The racetrack has seating capacity for 17,000 spectators and a total capacity for 40,000.

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Gambling In NYC Is Likely To Expand In 2023

Currently, gaming and gambling in New York City is a little complicated and the city is no Las Vegas. There is state ban on new casinos until 2023, although, according to Politico, there are now plans to end that moratorium this year in 2022. This would allow for three casinos to open up in NYC and the race is on among the gambling giants to bids for these lucrative spaces.

  • Ban: Currently There's A NYC Ban On New Casinos
  • Plan: For Three Licenses For New Casinos In 2023

The new casino gambling giants are likely to offer large and grandiose plans for casinos, hotels and entertainment giving the Big Apple a taste of Vegas. Among the forerunners are the giants Resorts World New York City in Queens and )owned by Malaysian conglomerate Genting Group), and Empire City Casino in Yonkers (owned by MGM), just north of the Bronx.

  • Existing Casinos In NYC: Resorts World New York City & Empire City Casino

Both of these established giants have horse racetracks with video lottery terminals that are already some of the largest gaming establishments in the country. They are both eager to transform into full-scale casinos with table games and slot machines.