Lake George is one of the most popular destinations in upstate New York for fishing, boating, and general lakeside fun. With a plethora of cabin rentals and resort hotels, it's no surprise that families, couples, and individuals make their way up north every season to enjoy its mountainous beauty and glimmering waters. However, it's also a place that holds a little-known mystery by many who visit.

The 'Mystery Spot of Lake George, ' referred to, is a mysterious audio phenomenon that supposedly has a long legendary history behind it. Rooted in mystery and lore, it's a must-visit for those who are even the slightest bit curious - if only to see if they leave the spot as stumped everyone else who ends up mystified by it.


Updated by Gabriel Kirellos, December 3rd, 2021: The mystery of Lake George has been explained in detail in this article. However, it was time to update the information and include some of the various activities people enjoy exploring in and around Lake George, other than searching for the meaning of its mystery.

What Exactly Is The Mystery Of Lake George?

By now, someone's interest is surely piqued regarding what this gigantic mystery could possibly be. Although it's not something that can be seen, it's certainly something that can be heard - at least by the person standing in the middle of it. To explain, the mystery of Lake George is what happens at a specific location behind the Lake George Visitor Center. It can be found in Mayor Blais Park, and directly in the center of the park is a circular concrete platform. It's easily recognizable by the lake painted in bright blue over its top, and the compass design etched into the platform. Supposedly, when a person stands in the center of the compass at the point where two lines make an 'X' shape, something unusual happens to the speaker's voice.

The trick is to speak toward the lake, which will result in one's voice sounding as though it's being shouted through a loudspeaker. The echo that comes back to the speaker is cool, but what's even more remarkable is knowing that anyone standing around the platform is unable to hear it. Those standing outside of the concrete slab will only hear the speaker's voice as they usually would, with no echo and no additional loudness, which (no pun intended) speaks to the unusual acoustics of the area.

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The Legend Behind This Strange Audio Phenomenon

As with anything else that's strange and unusual, there's usually an explanation for why something happens. Thanks to science, these explanations are generally explained in a clear and precise way - except in the case of the Mystery of Lake George. Some have speculated that the odd echo has something to do with the platform itself, while others turn to a more legendary explanation as to why this happens. According to Lake George lore, the Mystery of Lake George can be explained by an ancient event. Legend tells of a Native American god who stood in the same spot to shout his wisdom to the surrounding mountains and lake, thus the booming echo-like quality in the voice of anyone who follows suit. However, while this legend would explain the phenomenon, there's just no evidence claiming so one way or the other.

According to Haunted History Trail of New York, the mystery still stumps scientists and locals. It seems that no one is quite able to determine how, or why, the acoustics in this one spot sound so drastically different than those only feet from it. Even more so, it's unclear as to why anyone who's standing outside of the platform doesn't hear the speaker's voice in the same manner in which they do. Many have considered the curved half-wall surrounding the platform and whether or not that has anything to do with the unusual sound changes. However, many parks have similar half-walls and don't produce the type of acoustics that this one spot does. Add in the fact that if a person is too tall to hear their voice echo back to them, they might need to crouch - and, suddenly, the mystery only deepens further.

Will The Lake George Mystery Ever Be Explained?

It's a fun trick and certainly something to scout out while visiting Lake George. It's unclear if this mystery will ever be solved, but many people surmise that combining the mountains and the lake also has something to do with it.

It could be the acoustics of an elevated platform so close to the water or the fact that the mountains, combined with the platform's half-wall, produce the echo that many people hear bouncing back to them. Or, perhaps, the legend really is true - and those who speak in this spot are just experiencing the same unexplainable echo that a Native American god did so long ago.

This Is How To Enjoy A Day At Lake George

There are many activities to partake in when visiting Lake George. For example, people enjoy taking a walk through history at Fort William Henry Museum. This recreation site came into existence in the 1950s and is one of the most popular things to enjoy in Lake George. Another activity worth undertaking in Lake George is experiencing the splendid wilderness on a railbike tour in North Creek. The best tour to take is the Adirondack rail biking experience offered by Revolution Rail Co.

Moreover, people visiting Lake George can get amused by taking a shoreline cruise along the scenic bays and shores in the area. Those cruises offer featured dinner and popular sunset tours. Near Lake George, people can explore the Natural Stone Bridge and Caves Park. Hiking trails, waterfalls, boardwalks, and caves are there to explore. Camping on the Lake George Islands is also one of the most fascinating activities to experience in the area.

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