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Chartering a private jet is the only solution for visitors looking to travel to destinations on their terms. Not only does it give them access to visit wherever they want, but it also offers control of flight scheduling and productivity. Private jets are perfect for luxury travelers who don’t want to deal with security lines and cramped seats. More than 22,0000 private jets provide flight services across the world. With the increasing demand for private jets, it is important to know what it might cost and the pros and cons that come with using the transportation means. Here is what chartering a private jet might cost you.


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What To Know Before Chartering A Private Jet

There is a lot to consider before chartering a private jet, including the type and size of the jet as well as the distance to the vacation destination. All these factors determine the final cost of chartering a private charter.

The Type Of Plane To Charter

Determining a suitable aircraft to use can be challenging. The type of plane one is going to the charter will depend on the number of people traveling on the jet, the budget, the route they are taking, and the luggage requirements. Private jets can be broken down into six categories:

  • Light-jets: these are the smallest aircraft. They are cost-effective when it comes to maintenance and operation.
  • Small-light jets: A bit larger than light jets, small light jets can carry up to eight people. These are the most popular aircraft among business travelers. They can fly up to 2,500 nautical miles.
  • Super-light jets: These aircraft are suitable for vacationers looking to avoid major airports as they can navigate through short runways.
  • Mid-size jets: These aircraft are the best bet for visitors looking for jets with longer flight capacity. These jets can go an average of 2,200 nautical miles.
  • Super-mid-size jets: The flying capacity of these aircraft is greater, and they come with larger space. They can fly up to seven hours non-stop, or an average of 3,500 nautical miles.
  • Heavy jets: These are perfect for visitors traveling in a group of more than ten, as they are larger and can fly for over nine hours non-stop, or 4,000 nautical miles.
  • Ultra-long-range jets: These carry up to 17 passengers and can fly up to 6,500 nautical miles.

As mentioned earlier, the number of people flying will determine the type of jet vacationers will use.

When To Book A Private Jet

Just like all the other aspects of planning a vacation, travelers should book these aircraft earlier, especially when looking to reach the tourist destination faster. When to book a private jet depends on the company one is chartering from. Some companies allow for no more than a week's of booking in advance, while others only allow for days and hours.

Understand The Parking Etiquette

Travelers can always drive their vehicles to the aircraft whenever they are chartering a private jet. Everyone coming along can board as the plane's crew manages the luggage and prepares where to park the vehicle after leaving the airport. The usual protocol is setting the car wheels opposite the private jet, setting the vehicle in park, and setting the parking brakes to avoid moving into the plane. However, these protocols may vary, and vacationers should check with their chosen providers to ensure they are doing the right thing.

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The Cost Of Chartering A Private Jet

These are the costs of chartering private jets, depending on the type, according to Air Charter Service:

  • Small-size jets: $1300-$3000 per flying hour (four-six passengers)
  • Mid-size jets: $4000-$8000 per flying hour (up to nine passengers)
  • Larger private jets: $8000-$13000 per flying hour (14-19 passengers)

What’s Included In The Cost Of Private Charter

Travelers may wonder what contributes to the cost of private jets. The hourly flight rate includes the cost of basic things such as:

  • The current price of fuel
  • The pilot’s salary
  • The handling fees at the airport
  • The operational cost of the aircraft

Other Charges Visitors Should Consider When Booking A Private Jet

  • Extra fees associated with international flights. Chartering private jets for international flights is likely to cost vacationers more money. It is important to involve a travel agent to know what additional fees to expect.
  • Catering services. Most private jets provide in-flight catering services to their customers, which offer a luxurious travel experience, and often lead to additional charges.
  • Repositioning flight fees: When vacationers are hiring private jets for one-way flights, they will pay additional fees, usually for the pilot to return the plane to the airport.
  • Parking fees at the airport: Visitors will need to pay parking fees if they are staying in their preferred destination for multiple days.

Tips For Chartering A Private Jet

  • One should book as early as possible the jet that will satisfy their needs.
  • Avoid overpacking. Know the maximum weight the private jet chartered can withstand and stay within limits.
  • Tipping a private jet pilot is courteous. The pilots flying these jets do not earn as most people assume. Remember, they don't just fly the aircraft; loading the bags and cleaning the plane are still their responsibilities.
  • Put on appropriate clothing. While there is no specific dress code when flying on a private jet, it is important to represent the provider well by dressing appropriately. Business or business casual attire is recommended.

Chartering a private jet offers a luxurious experience, saves time, and gives peace of mind.