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It’s not for nothing that Branson is ranked the 3rd most trending destination in the US in 2022— by TripAdvisor. Branson’s more than 50 theaters have long established it as the “Live Entertainment Capital of the World.” The range of outdoor activities that Branson offers will leave any traveler spoilt for choice. And its location, just by the shores of Table Rock Lake, makes it the perfect vacation destination for bass fishing, swimming, kayaking, and a dozen other water sports activities—that bring pleasure and fun to a vacation. And that’s without a mention of Branson’s food scene featuring a mouthwatering cuisine that’s as broad as it is delectable.


Yet a vacation must cost money: Tickets to book, hotel rooms to reserve, and some extra for eating and moving around. But how much will vacation to Branson really cost? Here’s our take.

Planning To Vacation In Branson? Here’s How Much You Should Expect To Pay In Travel Costs.

When it comes to travel, 77% of those who vacation in Branson come by road. Only 13% fly into the city. That’s the reason it’s called a rubber-tire destination. For a third of America’s population, driving to Branson takes less than a day. On average, cars on American roads consume 25 miles per gallon. So that’s what most travelers should work with. Therefore, if we consider the price of gas, someone coming from Kansas City, Missouri—for instance—-should expect to spend about $37.41 on the road for a one-way trip to Branson. In the same vein, guys from Memphis, Oklahoma, or St. Louis should budget $48.38, $58.78, and $45.11, respectively—for a one-way trip. And traveling by air, just like by road, will obviously depend on someone’s location. But there are other factors. These include the days in advance that someone has booked, the day of the week that he or she has booked, the travel class seating, and of course, the airline. Check out sites like Expedia, Priceline, or Orbitz that have useful cost information. Also, through these sites, one can chance on a discount, especially when paired together on certain flights or in certain hotels.

For local travel, one will need a car to move around Branson. This is because Branson’s public transport is nothing to write home about. And for that, the average cost of renting a car per day in Branson is $147 per day. Enterprise Cars, one of the most popular car rental agencies in Branson, charges anywhere from $73 per day for a Mitsubishi Mirage or similar car—to $201 per day for a Ford Edge—or similar standard SUV. For those who are up to it, downtown Branson is easily walkable.

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This Is How Much Branson Travelers Should Expect To Pay As Hotel Costs.

Expect to pay an average of $156 for a double room in Branson per day. That can go as low as $50 to $70, especially for one-star hotels suitable for budget travelers. Branson’s 2-star All American Inn & Suites is usually a great option for budget travelers. On the other hand, a four or 5-star hotel will cost anywhere between $200 to $300 per day.

Branson also boasts several high-end vacation rentals that add to its broad range of accommodation facilities. According to Bookings.com, those planning to stay in a vacation rental while in Branson should expect to pay an average of $608 per night.

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This Is How Much You’ll Need To See Branson’s Attractions

An overwhelming majority of those who visit Branson come over to see the Silver Dollar City. That’s according to Branson’s 2021 Visitor Profile Research. The other top attractions are the countless music shows within the city and—surprisingly, shopping. For the many who troop to Silver Dollar City, $79 is the entry fee for a day. When it comes to Branson’s many theaters and music shows, the entry fee ranges between $30 and $63. Obviously, shopping just depends on a traveler’s budget. Otherwise, many other activities like swimming, hiking, or sightseeing are—in many cases—free.

Let’s finally wrap this up. According to Branson’s 2021 Visitor Profile Research, those who visited Branson in 2021 spent an average of $444 on their last trip. Since Branson visitors spend an average of 4 days in the city, the amount they spend per day comes to $109 per person per day. Of course, these are averages. They provide an aggregated picture that may not fit an individual’s situation.