When it comes to cinnamon buns, no company is whipping them up quite like Cinnabon. They've got their start in malls and airports across America and can now be found in supermarkets across the country, with a reputation that no other breakfast sweets can even touch. And while these don't need to be eaten for breakfast alone, they've become one of the most iconic treats in the world. That sugary-sweet icing that perfectly drips off the edge of each bun, combined with the piping hot cinnamon filling that has us falling in love with every piece we rip off has us all falling in love.


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While it might be one of the world's best comfort foods, there are things that many people don't know about Cinnabon. From their specific placement in places where there's plenty of traffic to the art of attracting customers with scent alone, you'd be surprised to know that there's more going on behind the scenes of your favorite sugary bun.

The Ovens Are Strategically Placed, And That Smell Isn't Just Cinnamon Buns

It's a pretty well-known fact that if you bake cookies in the oven prior to a house showing, the home immediately becomes cozy and inviting. The same theory applies in other aspects, as well, including dining establishments. When you walk into your favorite BBQ restaurant, the first thing that hits you is the smell of smoked meat which immediately gets your mouth watering. When you walk into a candy store, it's the smell of melted chocolate that leads to customers walking out with a pound of candy. At Cinnabon, the scent of buns baking in the oven is exactly what speaks to the sugar craving in all of us. Our minds associate that scent with cinnamon buns that are warm and comforting, and always welcome in our stomachs. Therefore, the ovens at Cinnabon locations have been strategically placed toward the front of the storefront in order to entice customers even further.

In order to seal the deal, though, some Cinnabon locations go one step further. If the scent of freshly-baked cinnamon buns isn't enough, then perhaps a tray of cinnamon sugar will do the trick. During the slower sales times, Cinnabon staff has a fun trick up their sleeve that's sure to rope people in: popping some cinnamon and brown sugar into the oven to mimic the scent of what's already in the cinnamon buns, according to Mashed. So, the next time you're passing by a Cinnabon and the scent of those cinnamon buns smells particularly strong, it might just be the ingredients that go in them toasting in the oven.

Margarine Over Butter, Always

It's no secret that Cinnabon isn't the healthiest of food stops to make but, as with everything else, all things in moderation, right? And while we're on the subject, there's one notable difference in cinnamon buns that sets them - and their iconic shape - apart from the rest: the use of margarine over butter.

There's a very specific science involved in this that comes down to the high melting point of margarine over its richer cousins. With a higher melting point, the dough used to make the buns is able to maintain its shape during baking rather than baking downwards, which is what usually happens when cinnamon buns are baked at home. The trick is to brush melted margarine across the dough prior to forming the bun, and then add the cinnamon-sugar mixture, and bake.

These Ingredients Are Practically Impossible To Duplicate Without Serious Research

It's not only the process of making the cinnamon buns that makes them exclusive to Cinnabon, it's also the ingredients. The famed cream cheese icing is notoriously challenging to recreate because typical cream cheese icing just doesn't cut it, but even the spice blend is tough to duplicate. Cinnabon uses unique cinnamon called Makara cinnamon, which accounts for the slightly stronger, bold spice that can be tasted in the center of the cinnamon bun.

The center of the cinnamon bun is very unique, as well. It's most fans' favorite part of the cinnamon bun and for good reason. This ooey, gooey, deliciously creamy, and sweet part of the bun isn't at all what you'd think it is. Rather than being half-baked or created with a different type of dough, the center is actually mixed pieces of a cinnamon bun that's been whipped together and squished into the center to create its trademark texture. This mashup of spices and sugar makes for the perfect pocket for all of that icing to pool, and it usually does.

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