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Receiving over three million travelers each year, Cabo San Lucas has become a top tourist destination in Baja California Sur, thanks to its picturesque marine life, incredible culture, and splendid weather. World-famous for its lavish all-inclusive resorts, many travelers may think that a vacation in Cabo would definitely be expensive. Well, the truth is, finding free or cheaper attractions and activities is challenging but possible. Careful planning can help visitors have the best experience in this unique destination, even with the tightest pocket. Want to vacate Cabo for cheap? Here is the most affordable time to visit Mexico's top tourist spot.


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The Off Season: The Most Affordable Time To Visit Cabo

Every vacationer likes to hear about good deals, whether it comes in the form of airfare, accommodation, or affordable attractions. And the low season is the best time to explore Cabo San Lucas for travelers looking to visit on a budget. During the rainy season, travelers will score great hotel and flight deals and also take advantage of fewer crowds to deal with. Also, one won’t have to compromise any vacation activities, as Cabo's landscape is always inviting, regardless of the time, and vacationers can still spend some moments on the water.

Summer and fall are the low tourist season in this pristine destination, making them the most affordable time to visit. Many tourists choose to explore Cabo in winter to escape cold almost everywhere else, and fewer visitors travel in fall and summer, as most consider rainfall and too much heat unbearable. Because fewer travelers visit Cabo during these seasons, it is the perfect time to fly and book some of the area's best resorts. The best time to book is July through September.

The Best Way To Overcome Summer Heat In Cabo

Because the temperature is the hottest in summer, it is the most affordable time to visit Mexico's Cabo San Lucas, and many travelers are scared to visit because of the heat. Well, when traveling on a budget is the only option, then summer heat shouldn’t be a problem because there are ways to beat the heat and stay cool. One way is relaxing by the pool, perhaps along with an icy margarita. Summer also offers incredible opportunities for snorkeling, scuba diving, and swimming, thanks to the warmer temperatures. One can always engage in these activities to stay cool and refreshed.

Visiting In The Rainy Season

While August and September are the most affordable months to visit Cabo San Lucas, they are also filled with the rainiest days. The good news? One can always predict the weather and plan accordingly. Because it is likely to rain almost every afternoon, travelers can arrange to grab outdoor opportunities during the morning hours. It is important to check for changes in the clouds' appearance to know when a storm is approaching. Going shopping, joining cooking classes, getting spa treatments, and reading some novels are some of the best ways to spend rainy days on a Cabo San Lucas vacation.

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Travel In May Through June For Great Discounts

Planning a trip to Cabo San Lucas between May and June would just be the best thing for budget travelers. Wondering why? There is a range of discounts on flights and accommodation to benefit from. Representing the end of spring and the beginning of summer, travelers will have the best deals during this period. Another advantage of visiting this time is vacationers are far from worrying about the hurricane, and the weather is great.

Tips For Traveling Cheap To Cabo

  • Book at least three months ahead. Whether booking accommodation or a flight, it is important to book at least three months ahead to find the best rates.
  • Avoid traveling during the peak season. December through February would be the worst time to visit Cabo San Lucas if one is looking to explore Mexico's gorgeous destination on a budget.
  • Stick to street food. Cabo San Lucas is known for its incredible food scene, and eating street food would still allow travelers to experience some of the best this tourist spot has to offer. Choosing to dine at the hottest restaurants will lead to spending a lot on food.
  • Avoid sailing on private boats. Instead, go for water taxis, which are much more affordable, and one will still enjoy whale watching opportunities and breathtaking views from the water.
  • Avoid getting around Cabo in Taxis. Instead, take a bus or rent a car. Taxis are available in plenty, but they are the costliest way of getting around. Renting a car would be a cheaper option compared to using taxis, but taking the bus is the most affordable.

Because it is so easy to predict the weather during the rainy season and beat the summer heat when the temperatures get too high, visiting Cabo San Lucas during these periods is not only best for budget vacationers but to avoid crowds.