Anybody can get kitted in winter clothes and visit a museum nearby during winter. When it feels convenient enough, a few moments of squatting on the snow at the back of the house is enough to build a little Olaf with an Anna and an Elsa by the sides. Sounds like a winter fun idea but for some, building a snowman is just one winter activity that might get boring very quickly especially when it is happening at the back of the house. In these destinations, interesting winter activities including snow sports, Christmas celebrations, and enough snow to build tons of Olafs, Annas, Elsas, and their castles are available in abundance.

9 Reykjavik, Iceland

In the capital city of Iceland, visitors can take rides across the city to see the unique Icelandic house structures with their precise alignment and bright uplifting colors. An ice skating session can come later and when it feels stressful, visitors can get soaked in one of Reykjavik’s natural hot springs, fall asleep, and then wake up the next morning to begin the next day with horse riding.

A visit to the Hallgrimskirkja Church (the largest church in Iceland at 74.5 meters tall) and a tour of the Arbaer turf house at Arbaejarsafn Folk Museum are just a few other thrilling things to experience in Reykjavik during winter. As the daylight duration grows shorter in mid-winter (December – January), the skies become darker, making this the best time to see the magical Northern lights.

8 Vail, Colorado

For adventurers who have been in heated debates with their friends/family about who will out-perform the other in a skiing race, the Vail Ski Resort is the best stage on earth to smoke that challenger and claim the winning belt. Vail Ski resort features a land area of up to 5,317 acres, offering the ultimate freedom for all types of snow sports including - Alpine, skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, horseback riding, ski biking, snowmobiling, and sledding. Treats after a fun-filled day at Vail include - relaxation in hot spas and some hot chocolate.

Adventurers who want to enjoy a fun-filled vacation at this resort should make their reservations in time because Vail (which is considered the best ski resort in the US) feels like an Olympic pitch during winter.

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7 Vienna, Austria

Vienna is arguably the best place in the world to enjoy a winter Christmas as it features unending sounds of classical music. Having seen the best musical composers of all time including – Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, Strauss, and Mahler, the city is now considered the capital of classical music. Visitors will be treated to a bountiful Christmas shopping experience at the Christmas market of Christkindlmarkt in Vienna which is considered the largest Christmas market in Austria and one of the largest in Europe. A winter vacation in Vienna also means lots of other enjoyable things including - Food, winter sports, and relaxation at coffee houses.

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6 Lake Bled, Slovenia

Every city in the world offers something for a nice enjoyable winter experience. In Lake Bled, Slovenia, visitors get stunning landscape views and beautiful mountains that are sprinkled with snow and surrounded by calm waters.

Standing as the only Island in Slovenia, Lake Bled offers Visitors hot air balloon tours for a view of the unique colors that characterize the Island. With biking, hiking, and Spa for relaxation, visitors will enjoy a fun-filled winter vacation while Instagrammers will have their eyes and cameras full.

5 Tallinn, Estonia

For many, winter is the best time to see Tallinn as the city offers large Christmas markets, delicious food, and nice coffee shops. With the temperatures falling to as low as -300C, visitors will enjoy snow parks made for all types of snow sport and spacious ice-skating rinks. For sites and attractions, visitors have the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Tallinn and the nearby freezing Jagala Waterfall to marvel about.

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4 Lake Baikal, Russia

Winter in Russia gets pretty interesting (and cold). In Lake Baikal, the average temperature stands at -210C (-5.80F) which means it gets pretty cold. Without this freezing temperature, it will be nearly impossible to freeze the largest, oldest, and deepest lake in the world.

At Lake Baikal, beautiful views of the sun are prevalent and visitors will enjoy a ton of activities including - dog-sledding, ice-skating, and ice fishing on the pure lake water. The great Baikal trail and the nearby Mount Chersky are among the best places for hiking in Lake Baikal.

The best time to visit Lake Baikal is between January and March when the Lake freezes completely as the weather here can sometimes be unpredictable.

3 Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a popular travel destination in Europe due to its well-preserved castles. Here, visitors will enjoy an exploration of the Prague castle which is the oldest castle in the Czech Republic and the largest ancient castle in the world.

Located in the Old Town Hall in Prague is the Prague Astronomical Clock; the world’s oldest (still operating) astronomical clock. Developed in 1410, this clock is a very popular attraction in Prague and visitors often watch keenly to catch the hourly walk of the Apostles on the clock.

In winter, visitors can visit and explore the Charles Bridge, the old town square, St Vitus Cathedral, Mala Strana, Wenceslas Square and experience winter activities such as ice skating and shopping at Christmas markets.

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2 Whistler, British Colombia

In Whistler, a perfect scene is created as the snow covers the mountains which stand high above the green vegetation. The terrain creates a fun-filled atmosphere with interesting snow activities including the terrifying bungee jumping. Visitors can go ice fishing and prepare some delicious fish pepper soup to rake up enough strength for an intense Ice Climbing session.

1 Svalbard, Norway

The Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard is characterized by a unique kind of winter where the winter period between October and February is categorized as nighttime. During this dark period, the skies and the whole atmosphere become completely immersed in an extremely beautiful blue glow which is magnified with the light of the full moon and the reflective snow. The flashes of the Northern lights and the occasional rising of the sun also blend perfectly to create colors only the eyes and heart can describe.

The sun festival known as – Solfestuka, is a week-long festival usually held in early March to celebrate the grand return of the sun after months of its long adventure to the other side of the earth. This joyous festival features music, food, drinks, exhibitions, and concerts.

With this type of atmosphere, visitors will enjoy a long NIGHT time with their partners.

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