Sandwiches are an integral part of any country's culture and for good reason. They're made with simple ingredients - bread, some meat, some vegetables, and maybe a condiment or two. Building off that, we've managed to create an entire subsect of food devoted to things that can be stacked between two slices of bread, and it's pretty incredible when you think about how far the sandwich has come.

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Normally, knowing which of America's favorite sandwiches wouldn't be a bit deal except for the fact that, compared to the rest of the world, they're a little... boring. While they're delicious and oh-so-satisfying, that doesn't mean they stack up against sandwiches in other parts of the world. And when you consider something like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to be exciting, despite all the ways it can be dressed up, well... that's saying quite a lot.

Peanut Butter And Jelly

The top ten sandwiches in the U.S. definitely include a few peanut butter and jellies, which isn't too surprising. This all-American sandwich is iconic from the moment kids find it in their lunchboxes until the moment it's made by an adult as a midnight snack. There's something about the way peanuts unite with jelly - especially grape jelly, as is classic - that makes this sandwich so delicious.


The club sandwich is yet another American staple and, no matter where it's ordered, its ingredients and layers remain exactly the same. Believe it or not, the club sandwich, at its purest form, is simply just a double-layered BLT. The name 'club' comes from 'Chicken and Lettuce under Bacon' according to Far and Wide. This double-decker of a sandwich isn't necessarily boring but it's also not entirely unexpected.


Some people have a love/hate relationship with ham; mustard is the obvious choice while others can't stand the tangy, slightly spicy nature of it. While it's not the most popular sandwich in the country is definitely is one of them, especially when it comes to the lettuce, tomato, and cheese that make it what it is. With that being said, ham on its own is not all that exciting.


Tuna can be dressed up in a number of ways but classically, it's served just like every other sandwich in the U.S. - with lettuce, tomato, and cheese. Interestingly, though, tuna is another sandwich choice that's either loved or hated by most people. According to Far and Wide, it's like by roughly 69% of the population which is more than half but not enough to make it the most popular choice.


Who doesn't love bacon with their lettuce and tomato? The BLT, in reality, is just an excuse to pile bacon on top of a sandwich - and we love that about it. You would think the BLT would be the most popular sandwich in the country considering how much bacon is loved in the U.S. (so much so that it even comes covered in chocolate) but it's actually pretty median on the list.

Roast Beef

There's something delightful about a roast beef sandwich that's overflowing with juicy meat and is sandwiched between layers of horseradish sauce, which is classic for the sandwich. While the deliciousness of roast beef can't be underestimated, the horseradish is really the most exciting thing about it. It's the most popular in the southern half of the U.S., where 70% of the population really digs this sandwich.


Let's be honest: turkey sandwiches are not the most interesting of sandwiches. Turkey, itself, is not much different than having a plain chicken cutlet on a sandwich but it does go well with most condiments. It's practically a blank slate with the addition of lettuce and tomato, but that's also why so many people like it. It's fresh, neutral, and just an all-around good lunch option, but definitely not interesting.

Grilled Chicken

Go figure, out of all the sandwiches that could possibly be eaten in the U.S., the second most popular is any sandwich with grilled chicken on it. It leads one to wonder if sandwiches are even liked in the U.S. considering grilled chicken is practically the main course on its own... just shoved between two slices of bread. This sandwich was likely made popular thanks to fast-food chains that have given the sandwich its reputation.

Grilled Cheese

Of course, the one and only, grilled cheese. This is the single most popular sandwich in the U.S. Some would argue that it's far too boring to be number one while others could argue that the cheese is what makes the sandwich so unique - and, around the world, many countries would agree with the latter. It seems that every country has its own twist on this classic but when it comes down to it, the American version with plain old American cheese is definitely the most unenthusiastic.

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