Pocky is one of the most beloved Japanese snacks not only in Japan but in the U.S., as well. Anyone who's familiar with this unique snack knows that its crunchy, biscuit shape and perfectly coated exterior are second to none, with not many snacks carrying the fun appeal that these do. There's just something that makes pulling a package of these candy-coasted biscuits that can make a person's day better, and it could be the fact that Pocky flavors are so iconic.

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Whether they're being dipped in a hot cup of tea, morning coffee, or eaten alone, there's something unique about Pocky. And if you think they're special in the U.S., consider the fact that in Japan, there are a plethora of flavors that have never even been seen in North America. Overseas, Pocky exists in a multitude of forms with a wide range of styles, some sounding so delicious that you'll want to visit just to get your hands on them. If you're ready to dive into the full world of Pocky, start by adding these Japan-only flavors to your list.

Almond Crush

For the nut lovers out there, Almond Crush Pocky should be first on the list. This Pocky has the added texture of crushed almonds to enhance the satisfying crunch of that first bite and to make things even better, it's all covered in a layer of chocolate. It's the perfect combination of biscuit, almond, and chocolate, with nothing missing from this practically perfect Pocky package. It's a bummer that this flavor isn't found everywhere but those visiting Japan will be psyched to find this in stores.

Heart-Shaped Strawberry

Sometimes, perfection is in the small details. Whereas this snack might just look like your typical strawberry-flavored Pocky, once you take a bite, its uniqueness becomes clear. The flavor is the same loveable strawberry but the inside of the Pocky is actually shaped like a heart. It's hard to believe that something as small as a stick-like biscuit could be shaped into something that detailed, but it's true - this is the cutest, tastiest heart-shaped snack you'll ever eat.

Otona no Milk

The shape of Pocky makes it perfect for dipping and if you're one for that kind of fun, then Otana no Milk is the perfect flavor to search for. While it's not technically a flavor, the biscuit of this Pocky is thicker, making it an even better option for dipping than the original. It's still coated with a layer of sweet chocolate but it's a bit more substantial, meaning it won't fall apart or crumble when dipped into a hot beverage or a glass of milk.


The two flavors that make up Wagokoro Pocky are Matcha and Azuki. Matcha is a type of green tea and azuki is red bean, both of which are used heavily throughout Japanese cuisine. In this Pocky form, the two are mixed with chocolate and this combination is what covers the Pocky. Chocolate and matcha, and chocolate and azuki, are great combinations on their own - this Pocky is just making it easier to enjoy both in a portable (and delicious) way.

Pocky Trinity

By now, you've likely figured out that the Japan-only Pocky comes in flavors that are beefed up with unique combinations. The Pocky Trinity flavors are fairly new additions and include almond flavor and orange peel. The Almond Trinity Pocky is flavored with almond both in its coating as well as with crushed almonds, and the Orange Peel Trinity Pocky is - you guessed it - orange peel pieces and chocolate.


Typically, something that's 'rainbow' usually refers to color rather than a flavor but in the case of Pocky, this is a literal rainbow of flavors. Each box of Rainbow Pocky includes banana, blueberry, strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, orange, and matcha green tea, which explains its name. Not only are most of these flavors not available in other parts of the world, but each box contains every unique flavor, so your only problem is deciding when to eat them all and in which order.

Limited Summer Flavors

Pocky gets exotic during the summer months and that's also when two specific flavors, Coconut and Brazilian Orange, appear on the scene. The Coconut Pocky also has pieces of actual coconut in it along with a delicious coating of chocolate, making for the perfect snack to break out when that warm weather comes around. While they can be found in Japan, they're only around during the summer season - so plan a trip accordingly!

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