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In nature, Colorado is perhaps the entertainment equivalent of Las Vegas—even if one is a state and the other a city. To say that the “Centennial State” has stunning scenery sounds trite and over-used. The truth is that Colorado is one of nature’s most admired pictographs. That’s the reason it has also earned the moniker “Switzerland of America.” All around are towering mountain peaks that cast a melancholy look on an otherwise gorgeous landscape interspersed with peaceful valleys, raging rivers, and serene lakes—including the iconic Grand Mesa Lakes. Colorado also has many haunted spots, ski resorts, and about 300 days of sunshine—the hallmarks of a great vacation destination.


And for those who want to explore every inch of this elegance, few places accord a better setting as Estes Park. In this article, we reveal the best time to visit Estes Park and the fun-filled activities one can indulge in while there.

What’s The Best Time To Travel To Estes Park?

Here’s the short answer. The best time to visit Estes Park is in the summer. Usually, this begins in June and runs through to September. The reason is simple. And it’s not because Estes Park’s attractions can’t be seen at other times or seasons. The reason is that the warm, sunny weather makes it possible to enjoy more fun-filled activities outdoors compared to other seasons. Also, with the warm weather, one can manage the luxury and convenience of traveling light. It’s also easier to move about. For instance, should one come in the winter, the sheets and mounds of snow are known to sometimes cover the city’s roads making the roads more difficult to ride on or navigate. Right from September through to May—snow stubbornly remains on the landscape—climaxing in April, which, at an average snowfall of 6.5 inches, is usually the month with the most snow in Estes Park.

And that’s not all. Winter days can be so cloudy and windy as to put a spanner in any vacation adventure. Also, we all like it when it’s clear, rainless, and when temperatures are in the pleasant 18-27 degrees celsius range—or 65°F to 80°F. So, while the whole of summer is a fine time to visit Estes Park, if we’re looking for a perfect time, late June to mid-August would be it. For beach activities or other hot-weather fun—early July to early August is the best time. Yet, when all’s said and done, there’s more to a vacation than fine weather.

Here Are The Many Fun-filled Activities You Can Enjoy In Estes Park

In Estes Park, as in almost all destinations, the activities to enjoy will depend on the season. If travelers get this right, all other things fall in place. For summer travelers who are looking for hiking trails, no place beats the Rocky Mountain National Park. And of all the trails at Rocky Mountains National Park, the 15-km Mount Ida Trail has amazing overlook views, even if it’s a little demanding. For those who’d like to dip their toes in some sparkling water while taking in the amazing views of the Rocky Mountains, Lake Estes, the largest in the area—will prove every bit worthy. But Sandbeach Lake and Gem Lake are also fantastic options. The dramatic granite cliffs that adjoin the latter—are quite a spectacle to behold. Other activities one can enjoy at these destinations include paddleboarding, kayaking, and recreational boating.

For aesthetes who love works of art and all things beautiful, Mountain Blown Glass provides a special opportunity to watch the creation of glass in a safe studio set-up. While there are a decent number of museums in Estes Park, Tripadvisor ranks Mountain Blown Glass as the best museum in Estes Park. For a road drive, the Peak to Peak Scenic Byway has amazing twists and turns as well as lovely panoramic views. The name of a highway was never more descriptive. For those in downtown Estes Park, the Riverwalk is out of this world.

  • Where Is Mountain Blown Glass Located? The physical address of Mountain Blown Glass is 101-A West Elkhorn Ave, Estes Park, Colorado.

Still, these are just glimmerings of Estes Park’s kaleidoscope of attractions.

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This Is How Much You Should Expect To Pay At Estes Park For Accommodation

The amount to pay for a room depends on the level of convenience and luxury that one is looking for. For instance, budget solo travelers should expect to pay between $66 to $80 per night. On the other end of the spectrum, luxury solo travelers should expect to part with—between $181 to $364 per night.

That’s it. Summer is the best time to visit Estes Park. And the absolute perfect time to enjoy the many fun-filled activities on display is from late June to mid-August.