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Home to the capital of the Virgin Islands, Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas has a rich colonial history influenced by the Danish settlers. Additionally, its mountainous terrain is full of striking natural features that attract tourists all year round.

Charlotte Amalie, the island's central hub, boasts neoclassical architecture in most of its buildings. These structures lie primarily in the downtown part of the city, famous for the numerous duty-free shops that cater to tourists.


Things To Do In Downtown St. Thomas

St. Thomas doesn't shy away from guaranteeing its visitors an unmatched Caribbean experience. The area has numerous natural attractions, historical landmarks, and awe-inspiring tourist attractions. These historical sites lie in the downtown of Charlotte Amalie, on the fabled Main Street, an area considered the busiest. Here are things to do.

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Shop In The Island's Shopping District

Downtown Charlotte Amalie has made a name for itself when it comes to shopping. Main Street, the primary shopping zone, has shops that were previous warehouses lying on the sides of the streets.

Colloquially known as Dronningens Gade, the street starts at the Central Post Office Square and runs through Charlotte Amalie. The retail stores lining both sides sell jewelry from upscale brands to knockoffs.

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Check Out Art Galleries

The downtown is also home to the island's art district. The area houses some popular art galleries in the Virgin Islands. These galleries feature works of brilliant artists that have had an impact on art throughout world history.

A good example is the David Hill Gallery, an institution that displays the works and etchings of David Hill. Another fascinating gallery is The Gallery at Thomas, which features traditional works by local artists. Travelers visit these art centers to understand the region's history while purchasing several art pieces.

Other Things To Do In St Thomas

St. Thomas hosts several natural bays and harbors, making it the Caribbean's gateway. These natural features include the fabled Magens Bay, a tourist-filled area featuring stretches of a pristine beach and turquoise waters. Located on the island's northern part, Magens Bay Beach comprises magnificent vistas, making it one of the most photogenic landmarks in the US.

Tourists can also view this magnificent island from above by taking one of the many helicopter tours offered in the area. A trained, dedicated crew flies visitors through the skies of St. Thomas, offering breathtaking views of the island and its Caribbean counterparts.

Historical Sites To Visit In Downtown St Thomas

Considered an area of particular historical interest, Charlotte Amalie features piers that were once loading spaces for trading ships. Also, sprawling boutiques that were once warehouses fill the spot. These historical masterpieces lie in the city's downtown, with most being museums and official government offices.

Charlotte Amalie has a Danish influence, evident in the architectural touches of most landmarks in the historic district. One of these historical institutions is Fort Christian, a magnificent piece of architectural ingenuity named after King Christian V of Denmark.

Governor Jørgen Iversen built the fort as a protective rampart to ward off intruders and attackers. The building is currently the oldest standing structure in the US Virgin Islands. It has served as a jail, a government building, and a town center.

Also in the downtown area lies the Government House, another neoclassical structure with intricate ironwork along its balconies. Its interior features antique West Indian furniture, with a staircase made of native mahogany. The building accommodates the offices of the Governor of the US Virgin Islands.

The area also houses several exquisite hotels that were once private residences of wealthy explorers. An excellent example of such a hotel is Hotel 1829, the oldest hotel in St. Thomas that was once the home of a wealthy French businessman known as Alexander Lavalette. Other notable historic structures in the area include The Pirates' Treasure Museum, The Frenchtown Heritage Museum, Rothschild Francis Market Square, and the Seven Arches Museum.

Where To Eat In St. Thomas

Another exciting aspect of the area is its unique gastronomical culture. Tourists can explore this tradition in most restaurants lying in the area. Most eating establishments blend local cuisine with a foreign culinary touch. A good example is Pesce Italian, a restaurant combining Caribbean cuisine with Italian.

Other exciting food spots include the French Quarter Bistro, Pangea Terra Table Restaurant, and Prime at Paradise Point. There are multiple things to do and explore on the island, with the above being a scratch of the surface. However, travelers must consider the following when visiting this place.

  • Travelers must keep left when driving.
  • Chemical sunscreens are banned; therefore, tourists should carry mineral sunscreens.
  • Visitors should verse themselves with the laws of the island to avoid problems with the local authorities.

St. Thomas guarantees tourists an adventurous visit as the island hosts multiple features, including magnificent historical landmarks. Like most Caribbean islands, the region experiences year-round tourism for its numerous activities. Therefore, it’s a great holiday destination for a family.