While most tourists to Sweden flock toward Stockholm, Gotland, or the country's many picturesque islands, one region seems to have been overlooked, Skane County. It's a pity because this section of the nation is brimming with organic agriculture, delicious food, charming shops, and breathtaking scenery of wide stretches of sand bordered by verdant hills and big fields full of beautiful wildflowers and roaming livestock.

Looking For Adventure? Skane Has It: Try Hiking

Tourists will see magnificent scenery from various amazing locales when fulfilling their adventurous spirit, from dense, gloomy primitive forests to megalithic structures to the brilliant gold of rapeseed meadows.


Trekking in Skane draws experienced and novice trekkers from worldwide. Gather the belongings, put on the boots, and embark on a journey across Scandinavian nature, with its ancient virgin forests, rugged beaches, and rural pastures.

Pursue The Orange Markers To The Skaneleden Route

The Skaneleden Track is a recognized long-distance hiking path that runs through the countryside of Skane for 1,300 kilometers.

Wander the slopes of mid-Skane for beautiful green beech woods, intriguing rock formations, and numerous plants and animals, or stroll the coastal areas for striking contrasts amid rocky cliffs, pristine beaches, and the high seas. The rivers in the north-eastern Skane are encircled by dense forests and historical landmarks, providing a sense of distant remoteness.

Hovdala Hiking Centre Offers A One-Of-A-Kind Nature Excursion

Hiking through the forests of Hovdala, near Finjasjön Lake, is like being handed the keys to hundreds of chambers, each with beauty and personality of its own.

Each season of the year, Hovdala provides visitors with strength for their body and spirit.

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How About Some Biking In Skane?

Skane provides thrilling bike adventures with its extensive, meandering country lanes and beautiful landscapes. Skane is the ideal spot for adventure on two wheels, whether visitors are a family seeking relaxing rides through gorgeous scenery or a fanatic trying to set a new personal lap record.

The southeastern Trail Is Sydostleden

Sydostleden is a 300-kilometer long national cycling track in Sweden. The route leads travelers to the town of Växjö in the neighboring town of Samland over a constantly evolving terrain.

After passing through Kivik's apple orchards, where visitors can taste apple cider, they will continue through gorgeous farmlands, meadows, and woods to Skane. The walk provides breathtaking views of Skane's cultural and natural settings.


Sydkustleden is a 260-kilometer cycling route that takes visitors along some of Sweden's most stunning beaches, historic and scenic landscapes, small lodgings, and the dynamic towns of Malmö and Helsingborg.

After passing through Ales Stenar, a spectacular stone creation fashioned like a Viking boat, visitors can pedal up to Glimmingehus, Scandinavia's best-preserved medieval castle.

Take Up A Water Excursions In Skane

Kayaking in Skane's waterbodies takes guests near to the unspoiled Scandinavian nature. Discover dense virgin forests by gliding through attractive farmland, camping Robinson Crusoe-style on isolated islands, and paddling winding rivers.

Immeln: Canoe It Up

Immeln, Skane's third largest lake, is a canoeist's paradise. The plants and wildlife of Immeln are rich, and many of the islets are designated as Special Protection Areas (SPAs) for birds. Grab the binoculars and see if visitors can spot some rare species like the fishing hawk and tongued diver.

Immeln is a secure and accessible paddling environment where visitors can detach from the rush and bustle of regular life while still being able to use their phones in most areas. The Canoe Centre rents it all from boats and army camps to portable ovens and grills.

Lake Ivösjön

Canoeing on Lake Ivösjön in northern Skane begins and ends at the Wetlandi Canoe Complex in Axeltorp, where visitors may lease a canoe and other equipment.

There are many tranquil spots to set up camp around the lagoon and the islets.

Visitors won't have any trouble finding a quiet bay where they may swim, grill, and spend a night in peace.

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Opting For A More Laidback Vacation? Skane Has Plenty Of Leisurely Activities, Too

Ensure not to overlook Skane's most popular tourist destinations and intriguing locations to explore. Explore the city, take photos of amazing views, and check off the spots that make-up visitors' perfect Skane vacation.

Sofiero Castle And Gardens - A Classic Attraction

Sofiero Castle, located just north of Helsingborg, is among Sweden's most magnificent castles. Amid two rhododendron gorges, the Castle is encircled by lush lawns, beautiful green trees, and sparkling flower gardens. In 1864, the Castle was built in Dutch Renaissance architecture. It's known for its stunning manicured meadows and rhododendron garden, which King Gustav VI Adolf of Sweden established. Grab a blanket, and a lunch basket, and relax while admiring the millions of rhododendron shrubs that dot the landscape.

Malmö Konsthall- An Art Materpiece

Malmö Konsthall is among Europe's biggest modern art exhibition venues. The minimalistic architecture provides the ideal setting for the various exhibitions held here. The gallery has an international orientation, featuring both modern art masterpieces and contemporary works. The restaurant offers wonderful food, and the modest exhibition store sells literature and posters. During summers, visitors can relax in the quaint courtyard.

Ale's Stone- An Iron Age Classic

Established in the early Archaic Period, during 500 and 1,000 AD, "Sweden's Stonehenge" is made up of 59 enormous rocks organized in the shape of a ship, measuring 67 meters in length. The Ale's Stones are set above the fishing town of Kseberga on a ridge. Scholars are divided on whether the structure is a funerary site, an astronomical timepiece, or the final resting spot of the legendary King Ale.

Visitors should enjoy Skne with all of their emotions, from skylines to natural attractions, and they will be amazed by this fascinating Swedish county.

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