While the word 'revenge' implies the nature of getting back at someone, it turns out that 2021 is anticipated to be the year that everyone decides to get back at something: The year 2020.

While there was not a single person in the world who didn't feel the effects of the global pandemic that started earlier this year, it appears that now, rather than feeling afraid and worried, people are just angry and ready. Ready for what, though - that's the question - and the answer is travel. 'Revenge travel' is coming in many forms right now and it's stemming from the loss of travel plans throughout the entirety of 2020 as well as the deprivation of people from seeing their families and friends over long distances. While the travel industry is still reeling, it's expected that now, travel will be booming by this time next year.


With the CDC slowly lessening guidelines and the promise of a vaccine becoming a very real possibility, people are already thinking about travel in the upcoming year. With these travel thoughts come extensive price tags as well as stacked vacations, as 2021 might just be the year where travelers extend their time away from home by one, two, or even three weeks or more as they get 'revenge' on all the ways that 2020 stripped them of a normal vacation.

Extravagant Spending And Vacation Options

The beginning of 2020 made it very uncertain as to whether or not the travel industry would be able to rebound from its significant loss of business but now, it seems that travelers are determined to take advantage of all they can. More and more people are planning elaborate future vacations, according to The Points Guy, with money and time becoming less and less of an issue. Furthermore, with travel beginning to slowly open up around the world (which is not the case for every destination, as some countries have even limited all travel to the following year), there is a new light on the horizon for those who have felt trapped, in a sense, without any way to escape their routine, daily lives.

With this promise of a brighter future and hope for travel to be somewhat safe again, many are caring less about the price tag attached to their vacation and more about the fact that they are simply leaving, period. While some plan for the future, others are finding new ways to take vacations, including via outdoor tourism, RVing, camping, and other ways to get away without getting in touch with society.

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To add fuel to the rapidly growing fire that is revenge travel, many are now committing to their bucket-list items and destinations, claiming it's worth it now to spend more time going places they actually want to go and avoid rushing to get back home due to a shorter trip. In a way, having such harsh and strict travel restrictions for months has forced many to realize that travel shouldn't be taken for granted and is something that time and money can be devoted to - if you're passionate enough about where you're going.

The Trend Has Already Begun

Those who work in the travel industry have already noticed a change, with travelers upgrading packages for 2021 and extending hotel stays in order to get more out of what they're paying for. For many, this is has been a 'wake-up call' of sorts, allowing them a free pass to go for what they want. This means that travelers are spending more and adding luxe aspects to their trips that wouldn't normally happen in an otherwise pandemic-free world.

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The internet has also seen an uptick in travel traffic, as people search far and wide for the perfect vacation as well as vacation deals. Travel methods such as car rentals and even private jets have gained popularity, with more people opting for less close contact when it comes to how they get from point A to point B. For those who have steadily been racking up travel points, there's seemingly no better time to use them than now, with so many airlines and hotels offering deals in order to generate interest in tourism.

Interestingly enough, 'revenge travel' is not a completely new idea. When patrons are left feeling robbed of anything, it leads to pent-up frustrations, and after the initial shock of the deprivation is gone, the rebound is inevitable. While travel took a massive hit this year, many are now realizing they can be smart, safe, and patient when it comes to booking huge vacations, because they're not ready to throw in the towel and be duped again.

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