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We've heard it mentioned countless times during 2021: Revenge travel.' But what, exactly, is it? It sounds like a term that one would describe in the same way they might describe getting back at an ex-partner but in reality, it's used to describe the world of travel following the pandemic. The idea behind revenge travel is, in a sense, for people to take vengeance against the time they've lost during a long span of time when they weren't able to or were not permitted, to go on vacations. And now, it seems like the trend is coming back twice as hard for travel during the summer of 2022 - here's why.


What Is Revenge Travel, And Why Is It Coming Back?

The world underwent a massive change back in March 2020. It would not be dramatic to say that everyone - avid travelers, included - had a new lease on life and a new appreciation for what they could do prior to the pandemic. When certain aspects of a person's freedom are lost, such as the ability to travel on a whim, the dichotomy behind why, when, and where we go begins to change. This is exactly what happened when the airports shut down, hotels were closed, and streets were emptied - thus, the anticipation, anxiety, and waiting began. For well over a year, people canceled travel plans or put them on hold in the hopes that the postponement would be temporary. Unfortunately, for many, it was not. Thus, the rise of revenge travel - AKA, taking revenge against the pandemic that affected every traveler's life so unexpectedly in the first place.

According to Money Control, travelers underwent a type of 'lockdown fatigue.' It's said that this type of mental fatigue is only exacerbated by the monotony of being stuck at home or going through the same motions repeatedly. After more than a year of mundane routines that involved little more than leaving the house for groceries, it was only to be expected that a release of sorts was coming. The effect - or, rather, the consequence - of this, was revenge travel. In an attempt to gain back lost time that was taken during the pandemic, many people booked trips, flights, and bucket-list destinations as soon as the world began reopening. While this did lead to a spike in cases, one important aspect of revenge to remember is this: vengeance, even in travel, often overshadows all other worries or fears.

Revenge Travel Might Just Be Here To Stay

With that being said, it wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility for revenge travel to remain a valid reason for planning a vacation. Think about it - the entire world was shut down, and that's a lot of people, which means a lot of desperation when it comes to taking that ultimate bucket-list trip. Therefore, it might take years before the world finally sees the end of people needing to replace the time that they've lost with a trip that's twice the size, and twice the extravagance, of the original. Already, according to MarketWatch, there are 1.5 billion more passengers flying internationally this year as opposed to in 2021.

While this statistic does include work and business travel, it's still an astounding number compared to the low statistics that came from airports immediately following the first few waves of the pandemic.

It's estimated, based on this same data, that upcoming trips include:

  • Short-Haul Trips: Roughly 1,200 miles from one's home
  • Medium-Haul Trips: Up to 2,600 miles away from one's home

Why Has There Been An Increase in Revenge Travel Spending?

Despite the fact that the cost of living has increased in most places, according to MarketWatch, it has not seemed to slow down travelers' ability to spend money while on vacation. In fact, studies are showing that travelers are spending about 34% more on activities and souvenirs when they travel. Additionally, more than half of all 'revenge' travelers following the pandemic have booked vacations to places they have never been before - meaning that new destinations and bucket-list destinations are topping the list. Interestingly enough, not every trip is international, with many people just wanting to visit a new place, in general.

What does Revenge Travel Mean For Future Tourism?

The angst that travelers have experienced while planning a revenge travel trip is one that will likely continue for some time. As a result of this, it can be hypothesized that the tourism industry will continue to grow and reflect this overall increase in traveling to make up for the lost time. As a result, many destinations will likely see an increase in tourism, as well - both domestically and internationally - as people continue to find new and unique places to seek their 'revenge.'