Postcard-perfect beaches, karst formations, and diverse marine ecosystems are only some of the many things that made Thailand famous the world over. These natural wonders of Thailand have already provided a perfect setting to a lot of Hollywood movies for decades now. Jason Statham's The Mechanic: Resurrection and Pierce Brosnan's Tomorrow Never Dies are but a few of the movies filmed in Thailand.

But who can forget Leonardo DiCaprio's The Beach? It is actually the film that put Thailand's Phi Phi Islands' Maya Bay into the map, making it notoriously famous for the young beachgoers and party lovers.

Then two decades later, the famous beach was closed down. This is an undeniable case of over-tourism wreaking havoc to a place.

But fret not! There are still a lot of fun things to do around the Phi Phi Islands from taking Instagram-worthy pictures to snorkeling and partying. Discover more below.

10 Maya Bay Beach On Phi Phi Leh Island: Where All The Fame Began

As mentioned earlier, Maya Bay came to the world's attention after the filming of Leonardo DiCaprio's 2000 movie The Beach. Due to the number of tourists reaching up to five thousand visiting the place each day during its heyday, however, Maya Bay has suffered big time.

As of now, nobody is allowed to set foot on the beach (just take photos from the boat) and it will remain this way until 2021, Bangkok Post reports.

9 Phi Phi Don Island: The Home Of Epic Beach Life (Read: Mind-Blowing Parties And Gastronomic Adventures)

Looking for a place to watch the perfect sunset to prep you up for the night at Phi Phi Don? There is no place like the Sunset Bar. Then there is the Hippies Bar. Its - obviously - hippie ambiance and good food are worth the trip. But if you're into really wild partying and booze, Slinky Bar is the place to be.

Of course, there is the Reggae Bar, where music, booze, and Muay Thai meet.

8 Bamboo Island: A Welcome Change After All That Hard Partying

Bamboo Island is actually only one of the few islands in the Phi Phi Islands group where tourists can actually set foot onto. Its powdery white sand and way less crowded beach is a welcome change from all the madness going on in Phi Phi Don.

The island is home to a wide variety of marine life, including Ocellaris clownfish aka "Nemo." And you don't have to snorkel far from the seashore to see them.

7 Mosquito Island: Phi Phi Islands' Unsung Underwater Paradise

Mosquito Island, which lies approximately just 2.5kms to the north of Phi Phi Don is not only known for its unique bent nail-like shape but also famed as a pristine snorkeling spot, too.

This island's underwater paradise complements what physical beauty it lacks above the water. The island, however, will not be called as such without a reason. Mosquitoes start appearing on the island as sunset approaches so forget any plans for a nighttime visit.

6 Koh Bida Nok And Koh Bida Nai: A Diver's Havens

Way down south of the Phi Phi Islands group are two islands jutting directly out of the water: Koh Bida Nok and Koh Bida Nai.

The best jump-off point to these unsung diver's havens is from Tonsai Village. From there, book a day diving trip to the islands. Koh Bida Nai's eastern side is perfect for novice snorkelers. Experienced divers, on the other hand, can enjoy the deeper waters off Koh Bida Nok's southern side.

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5 A Phi Phi Island After Island Kayak Trip

Kayaking is one of the most preferred activities in Koh Phi Phi as it lets you visit secluded places if you want to beat the crowd.

Find lots of kayak renters at Phi Phi Don at affordable prices. From there, you can explore the less-traveled parts of the island gliding on top of crystal-clear waters past magnificent towering limestone cliffs and caves. Want more adventure? You can always paddle your kayak towards neighboring islands.

4 Take A Refreshing Dip At Pileh Bay's Warm Turquoise Waters

There is no shortage of diving spots and party places while in Phi Phi Islands, but there is only one perfect place for swimming there - Pileh Bay.

Its shallow, warm water is protected from three sides by towering limestone cliffs making it a safe place for swimming. Of course, you can always opt to have your snorkeling gear come in handy in case you will find its underwater beauty irresistible - as is always the case.

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3 ... Or Spend Time With Colorful Soft Corals And Friendly Sharks At Shark Point

Shark Point dive site is an ultimate diving experience. It has three known pinnacles. The first pinnacle is clearly visible above the water, while the other two are submerged, which makes for a great diving experience.

The area is known to be a dwelling place for black-tipped and leopard sharks, known for being friendly to humans. Divers also get to visually enjoy the beauty of soft corals that grow in abundance in the area.

2 Get On Board Phi Phi Islands' Themed Cruises

Break the monotony of your stay at the Phi Phi Islands by booking a themed cruise. Yes, you heard it right.

Capt. Bob's Booze Cruise is an example of an aptly-named boating experience. As the name suggests, participants get to party with other guests as they embark on an island-hopping tour in a boat screaming with a booze-fueled party. Another appealing cruise you can book is a yet aptly-named Phi Phi Islands Pirate Boat cruise.

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1 Learn Authentic Thai Cuisine Cooking. Why Not?

To up your Phi Phi Islands experience a notch, we suggest taking a Thai cuisine cooking class. This experience will not only take you closer to Thai culture, but it will also enable you to ultimately bring your Thai experience back home with you.

Attend Pum Thai Restaurant and Cooking School for a one-of-a-kind experience. You can also check out Cookly, which is known for its short but worth it 1.5-hour and 3-hour cooking classes.

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