As a state, New Hampshire offers plenty of unique options for visitors during the summer. From the tallest mountain summits in New England to sandy shorelines as it meets the Atlantic Ocean, there's something for everyone there. For the beach lovers who book a vacation to New Hampshire's East Coast, Hampton Beach should absolutely be on the list as its most popular summer destination.

With 13 miles of shoreline, it's a busy hotspot during the warmest months of the year, and there's more to do there than just sunbathe. Here's what everyone should know about visiting Hampton Beach during its peak season.


How Much Does It Cost to Visit Hampton Beach?

When visitors pay the fee to visit Hampton Beach for the day, they're also paying for its atmosphere. The beach is home to a boardwalk full of restaurants and weekly entertainment, especially during the summer when tourists and locals alike flock to its shores. With that being said, there are multiple places for people to park during the day - and each one comes with its own associated costs.

Hampton Beach Parking Parking Cost
South Beach Lot $15/day
Central Parking $8.50 - $20/day
Hampton Beach Casino Parking $10 - $20/day
RV Parking $30/day
Metered Parking $1 -$2/day
Season Parking $60 - $175

Out of all the lots, the South Beach Lot is the easiest for newcomers due to its advanced reservation options. For those who don't make reservations, the spots are first-come, first-served from Memorial Day through Labor Day, from 8 AM until 6 PM daily.

Additionally, the Central Parking lot is a good option for those who plan on staying one day or more - i.e. those who have accommodations nearby. The $20 parking fee covers two days and one night, with discounts for those who book multiple days at once, i.e. $8.50/day or $60/week.

For those who don't have any luck with the South Beach Lot, Hampton Beach Casino Parking is located right behind the casino building. While it is a bit of a walk from D or F Street, it's an option for those who are visiting the casino or can't find beach parking anywhere else, including metered street parking.

Parking Passes

Hampton Beach parking passes are a solid investment for those who plan on visiting more than once throughout the year. Seasonal passes for residents start at $60 with family passes costing $105; non-residents can purchase a family pass for $120.

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What To Do At Hampton Beach During The Summer

During the summer months, there are plenty of events to take advantage of at Hampton Beach. There will undoubtedly be something happening during any given weekend which is what makes this such a popular destination for both locals and tourists. On the boardwalk alone, visitors will find:

While these, alone, would be enough to keep any visitor busy for a weekend or more, there's even more to look forward to: Entertainment on the boardwalk! The Sea Shell Stage is home to live music and firework displays that happen every Wednesday night, in addition to holiday firework shows. This is also where visitors can find special events that take place at Hampton Beach, such as the Annual Sand Sculpting Competition.

Ocean Boulevard is another place that visitors should take note of, as it host the annual Hampton Beach Children's Festival. This event brings additional food and gift vendors, as well as family-friendly entertainment to the shores of Hampton. For those seeking even more family-friendly activities, a fenced-in playground is also available for day use at the beach.

For adults seeking out things to do at Hampton Beach, nighttime also brings with it plenty of late-night entertainment at the boardwalk's most popular restaurants and venues. At the end of the season, perusing the many sidewalk sales that take place is another great way to wrap up the summer and enjoy the boardwalk's offerings. And, of course, those who are visiting for the beach will also be happy to know that this, in itself, is the most popular Hampton summer activity.

New Hampshire's most popular beach definitely lives up to the hype and delivers plenty of entertainment and relaxation for couples, families, and solo travelers. It's the perfect summer destination in New England, and arguably one of the best beaches in the region, period. So get ready to book that beach vacation!