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Travelers looking to enjoy a bit of foliage during their travels this fall should check out New Hampshire. Being one of the first US states to enjoy prime fall foliage it is also a go-to destination for fall celebrations, including the traditional New England activity of apple picking. Travelers looking for autumn activities should definitely check out New Hampshire in the coming months.

Once travelers reach New Hampshire, there will be an awful lot for them possible explore. There are more than a few festivals and orchards to explore in the Granite State. So, here is a look at what is worth doing in New Hampshire this fall.


Attending New Hampshire's Fall Festivals

Of all the four distinct seasons that New Hampshire, it takes none as seriously as it takes the fall. It is the most popular time for travelers to the state, in a large part due to the beauty of the changing leaves as well as numerous happenings that occur across New Hampshire during this time.

Fall festivals can be found across the state as well as numerous destinations for apple picking finding pumpkins to carve out in preparation for Halloween. There is such much to do in autumn in the Granite State, including some scenic hikes that offer novel views as autumn leaves change color.

New Hampshire Highland Games And Festival

NHSCOT welcomes travelers to its annual celebration of Scottish heritage at the New Hampshire Highland Games and Festival.

Travelers can venture to Lincoln New Hampshire to enjoy are a variety of traditional Scottish music and food while learning a bit about Scottish culture and history.

Winchester Pickle Festival

Boasting one of the best farmers’ markets of all the Fall festivals in New Hampshire, the Winchester Pickle Festival has quite an impressive number of vendors where travelers can purchase goods from local artisans.

Travelers can also look forward to seeing Mr. Pickle in the “Pickles” Parade which is an entertaining event.

Milford Pumpkin Festival

Conveniently located at the New Hampshire border with Massachusetts, the Milford Pumpkin Festival holds three days of pumpkin-related fun every Columbus Day Weekend.

Due to its location, it is a popular destination with travelers out of Boston or those just traveling through New England. There will also be live music to enjoy and handmade goods to purchase.

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Best Places To Go Apple Picking In New Hampshire

Apple Picking is an iconic fall activity in New England, and many people travel to the area to partake in the activity. With so many apple-picking destinations across the state of New Hampshire, it is hard to go wrong.

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But, here is a look at some of the best destinations for apple picking in New Hampshire.

Mack’s Apples in Londonderry, NH

Mack’s Apples in Londonderry is an eighth-generation family farm and the oldest single-family operated farm in New Hampshire. Travelers are welcome to explore the 100 acres of their 400-acre farm that have dedicated to apple trees. This is a classic way of experiencing the New England tradition of apple picking.

Gould Hill Farm in Contoocook, NH

Open from Labor Day Weekend to mid-October, Gould Hill Farm offers travelers an apple-picking experience with a stunning backdrop of the White Mountains.

Apples aren’t the only fruit available for picking here either, as they offer different fruit picking opportunities seasonally.

Applecrest Farm Orchards in Hampton Falls, NH

Holding fall festivals every weekend through September and October, Applecrest Farm Orchards is a go-to destination for many looking to enjoy apple picking and then have a bit of fun afterward. There will be live music, food trucks, a beer garden, and an array of other activities, such as their free tractor rides, that can entertain travelers.

Scoping Out Historic Sights & Fall Foliage

Fall represents a transition in many parts of the world, but in New Hampshire with its four distinct seasons, fall is a cherished time full of color events as well as leaves. With the fall comes the transition of the colors of New Hampshire's numerous trees.

This stunning foliage brings brightness in light to an area even as the days grow shorter. Here is how travelers can best in enjoy the foliage and historic sights it surrounds New Hampshire.

New Hampshire’s Kancamagus Highway

This historic highway runs for 34.5 miles through the White Mountain National Forest on its way to Lincoln New Hampshire. Traveling along this road, travelers will feel as if they are being swallowed by the colors of the foliage. Sights like “the Kanc” will make travelers stop to get out of their car to properly soak up the view.

Lake Winnipesaukee Loop in New Hampshire

This 97-mile loop around New Hampshire's Lake Winnipesaukee gives travelers the chance to soak up stunning views of the foliage reflecting off the surface of the lake, as well as premium looks a New Hampshire landmarks that line the lake.